With how innovative and influential many modern games have become, it has become more difficult to pigeonhole some games into a rigid genre. spirits-like games bounce, or games like Metroidvania Ori and the Blind Forest, are often much greater than the sum of their parts – yet the classifications they deal with identify them as purely derivative.

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It’s probably true that fans have become accustomed to making quick comparisons between games that exist in similar genre classifications, although it is admittedly easier to define titles with comparable visual or gameplay characteristics. Nevertheless, some games that have earned such labels do not intend to support such copying, as is apparently the case with Round8 Studios and NeoWiz. p’s lie, The game has been heavily compared bloodborne Recently, although it seems that the similarities may be a coincidence.


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As Kotaku reported in an email exchange with NeoWiz, the developers have set the record straight, claiming that they are “too honored” to be compared to fans. p’s lie FromSoftware to bloodborne, This “Definitely was not intentional” on his part. But Ji-Won Choi, the lead producer of NeoWiz, reportedly said that “Spirits-titles like these are certainly inspirational, and almost everyone on our team is hardcore Spirits-Like a fan.”


Choi’s email exchange interview continues with comparison of its features Spirits-Like games, referring to a similar “death penalty and difficulty level”. As such, it seems that this information conflicts with previous statements, although perhaps Choi only assumes p’s lie to be contained in one spirits-As with FromSoftware’s normal blueprints, and not necessarily provided with one-to-one templates bloodborne, However, p’s lieThe official gameplay trailer of the game will have fans believing otherwise only from a visual standpoint, as there are some obvious similarities between the two games.

whereas p’s lieThe Belle Epoque atmosphere and aesthetics are unique to Pinocchio’s fictional iteration of Round8, closest to FromSoftware or Spirits-like a comparison bloodborne, which also has a decidedly gothic aesthetic and atmosphere. Pinocchio’s reimagined effort is, rather, completely unique in its own right, and it seems p’s lieMystic.

Unfortunately, p’s lie may not be able to shake her for sure bloodborne Comparisons Still, these comparisons can help p’s lierising popularity as spirits-Like how cute they are bloodborne especially in view of rumors and wishes a bloodborne PC port or bulk sequel.

p’s lie Currently scheduled for release in 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Source: Kotaku

Comparing Pee’s Lies to Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and More

Pinocchio-inspired Spirits Like Lie P has just been revealed, and it seems that some comparisons can be made to other Souls-like titles.

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