A little over a week ago, YouTuber and social media personality Logan Paul inadvertently sparked controversy. Paul 15. made a tabletop game boy colors Outlining the tabletop in red and white, in resin pokemon pattern. Almost immediately, the Internet was divided over this, with many angry that Paul essentially “destroyed” and “ruined” this hardware. Others enjoyed the overall design of the Game Boy Color tabletop.

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The post was made on December 6, with Logan Paul officially commenting on the controversy during an impulsive podcast on January 5, calling it a “ridiculous response”. Some of the comments said that it was done with some malicious intent, but he says that he just loves pokemon (And it should be noted that at least two of the Game Boy Colors used on this $1000 project were special pokemon Edition.)


In the Impulsive podcast, he explains that during his training for Mayweather and throughout the quarantine, he took art resin and epoxy. He did a few small projects before deciding to tackle the Game Boy Color Table, with Paul describing the Game Boy Colors as something to which he has been “accustomed” for the rest of his life. He just thought it would be cool to make a table like this, along with some of his “favourite things,” but then they trended on Twitter. Paul’s comments can be seen below at the 1:06:56 time mark.

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Addressing some of the criticism, he says that many felt he was ruining the Game Boys and disrespecting nostalgia, although he explained that he wanted to reminisce his childhood nostalgia. Paul says he boots the original pokemon Games on the Game Boy Color from time to time. He also suggested that those implementing this table “to go on eBay now” were made worse off by the lack of a Game Boy Color. He continued that “they are not in short supply, and I love them. They mean something to me.”

Overall, Logan Paul emphasized his feelings on the controversy, stating that “it’s definitely a simile, because it’s the most ridiculous reaction..” and “You see someone spends so much time on a project. , and yet you feel the need to invalidate it because some weird niche you believe you have isn’t getting my attention when I’m making it up?” Logan Paul even laughed at some people suggesting that he made this table just to say that he spent 1000 bucks to put 15 Game Boys in it, to immortalize a part of his childhood. A touching comment with intent.

The Game Boy Color controversy has raged over the past few days, though it’s nice to see Paul’s own thoughts on why he made this table. That doesn’t mean Logan Paul is out pokemon-Related news however, as some believe his $3.5 million pokemon tcg The set may be fake.

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