The Long Saga of a Box of Base Sets of the First Edition pokemon The cards have come to their inevitable conclusion. This box of cards has been reported for years, only to arrive in the hands of influential Logan Paul in December 2021. This specific box has long been rumored to be counterfeit, even persuasively, but without opening the box there was no convincing evidence. , This has now changed, as Paul has confirmed that the box has been opened. His $3.5 Million Box pokemon The card has now been confirmed to be fraudulent.

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In a video titled “I Lost $3,500,000 on Fake Pokémon Cards” published Thursday, Logan Paul shared a recording of him and his crew opening the infamous box. The group includes card collector Matt Allen, who had bought the box from Paul in the first place, as well as the owner and several employees of the Baseball Card Exchange, who had previously certified the box as genuine. After being reiterated by the BBC that it believes the box to be authentic, Paul pours himself a glass of wine as well.


It is at this point that the group decides to open the box they believe pokemon leaves. Inside, they expect to find six “booster boxes,” each wrapped and sealed in separate boxes containing multiple booster packs. Upon opening, the group is immediately convinced that their money is worth it. It appears that the first variant is the base set pokemon tcg Within the booster box, judging from the boxes themselves and the clear plastic seals they use. However, that brief moment of excitement quickly wears off.

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The BBC boss turns to one of his employees who looks completely scattered and says, “What?” Employee says boxes look “puffy” and they don’t look right. At this point the BBC staff all go silent, as Alan pulls out one of the booster boxes. Even Logan Paul immediately recognizes that this and all other pokemon The boxes are fake. pokemon tcg Booster box labels are completely wrong.

Together, they decide to open a box to see what’s inside. instead of this pokemon tcg Pack, 1st Edition Base Set or Otherwise, Box Full GI Joe TCG Card Pack. Whoever put this box together, wherever it is, clearly has a sense of humor.

Logan Paul is not without a sense of humor about the situation. He laughed several times during the reveal, cracked several jokes about the box containing the GI Joe card as if it made the situation worse, and talked about how important his Charizard card is to him now. Chances are that Paul will get his money back. However, Mas Allen may have more trouble finding the person who originally sold him the box. at least, pokemon Card fans now have a proper conclusion to this whole fuss.

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