Loved No Time to Die? This James Bond movie is the one you should watch right now

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The latest James Bond film, No Time to Die, marks the end of the Daniel Craig 007 era.

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It’s the moment to get reacquainted with James Bond or, if this is all new to you, to take your first plunge into the world of 007. latest bond movie, no time to die, aka bond 25, is in cinemas now.


The Good News: It’s An “Epic, Explosive, And Emotional Swan Song,” Says Richard Trenholm Nerdshala’s No Time to Die review, “which throws everything against the wall for a truly unique entry in the series.” Daniel Craig’s final outing as the super-spy from MI6 is a fitting climax to the five-movie that revitalized the long-running franchise. But where do you actually start?

There’s a lot to dig into. NS james bond film franchise a pop culture institution, one of most indelible movie character of all time. Through 007’s two dozen movies — starring six different actors, from Craig to Sean Connery — we’ve watched the adventures of a gentle, stylish secret agent and been impressed by the spectacular stunts and grand locations. Even if you’ve never seen a Bond movie, you probably know something about it 007: timeless pose (man in a tux, pistol in hand), catchphrase (“vodka martini, not shaken”), villainous Blofeld portrays Dr. Teased as Evil.

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NS bond movies Beginning in 1962 with Connery in Dr. No; It’s a spirited outing from a very different era of filmmaking. Over the years, there have been serious phases and silly phases, and Pierce Brosnan gives you a very different bond than Connery, Craig or Roger Moore. Movie fans have strong feelings about Who played Bond best (and worst). Soon, we will all be on the hunt as to who will be tapped to step into the role next james bond.

I found started looking back at the Connery eraThat’s why I’m forever tied to those movies. But for contemporary audiences, I’m going with a different recommendation as to which Bond movie to watch first, and where to go from there.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Daniel Craig means business as MI6 Secret Agent James Bond, aka 007.

Get started with Casino Royale, Daniel Craig debut

Daniel Craig’s debut as James Bond is a fantastic spy/action film. This is heart wrenching good. but Casino Royale (2006) It also did what no previous Bond film could: it completely rebooted the franchise, blowing up a formula that many saw as far-fetched gimmicks and elaborate sentences, even that it remained a steady box office draw. it is based on Ian Flemingis the first Bond novel of the year and gives us a lot of Bond as he was introduced to the world. It stays true to that origin story in several essential ways (not typical of Bond films in general) while at the same time updating it for modern audiences associated with the Jason Bourne and Mission: Impossible movies.

In keeping with Fleming’s portrayals and as measured against Connery, Craig himself delivers all muscle and danger by which all other bonds are always judged. There’s nothing flashy about this Bond, and if he looks good in a tuxedo, you always know there’s a beast inside ready to fight the baddies. You learn off the bat how he earned his double-0 (killing license) rating, then it’s off to a spectacular chase and gunfight. That’s just in the first 18 minutes.

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High marks for an evil villain in Mads Mickelson’s Le Chiffre, Judi Dench as Bond’s no-nonsense boss M, and Eva Green as Bond’s female foil.

Casino Royale also opens the door for a strong series of movies that follow – quantum of Solace (2008), sky fall (2012) and the dark shadow (2015), with no time to die waiting in the wings. There’s more than just action here: there’s an arc that takes us deep into Bond’s past and how it drives him into the here and now.

From Russia with Love / Goldfinger. follow up with

This whole franchise is running with Connery, so you can’t go wrong out there. But for now let’s leave the first film, Dr. No. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the latter two movies are more certain—they’re often the top two on lists of the best Bond movies. Pick one of these and you’re getting an absolutely top-shelf Connery, the man who defined Bond and who was the heart of the franchise when an incident exploded.

from Russia with Love (1963) gives you an honest-to-goodness, old-fashioned detective story that doesn’t tech wizardry No evil plans to speak of and destroying the world. It’s Bond on an intimate scale, the character-driven story of our detective, the woman sent to seduce him and the killer (a buff and square-jawed Robert Shaw) assigned to take him down. (It also gives us our first glimpse of Blofeld, the recurring uber-villain.) In the finest Bondian tradition of exotic locales, it reaches Istanbul and takes a memorable ride on the Orient Express. The fight scene in the train compartment is a classic.

Aston Martin DB5.  with Sean Connery

Sean Connery seems to be enjoying himself. Why not, when you can drive his 1964 Aston Martin DB5 co-star in Goldfinger.

came along again gold Finger (1964), the third film. This accelerated things until Craig arrived and set the spectacular tone for all of the films – the outlandish plot (a nuclear set to irradiate gold at Fort Knox), the over-the-top villain and henchman, Aston. The Martin DB-5 sports car is tricked out with machine guns and ejector seats, the laser with which Goldfinger memorably threatens 007 (“No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die”). Plus: One of the greatest theme songs of the series.

Connery is flamboyant, manly, diabolical, overly confident – everything you’d expect from a modern action hero, in part because he was the template.

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Dive deep into Bond

I’d recommend getting a handful of Craig and/or Connery movies under your belt before rolling out more widely. It’s best to watch Craig’s installments in sequence, but the Connies (like the Moores, the Daltons, and the Brosnes) can be watched in any order. Stick with five Connery films from the 1960s before looking back on two of his comeback efforts. The early movies are pretty much the same of their time, so while you can laugh at the quirks of technology and fashion and cinematography, you might be a little bummed at some of the ethnic depictions and sexual interactions.

Other Bonds: Know Them Too

Apart from Connery and Craig, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan are the two horses. Over the course of seven films halfway through the 1970s and 1980s, Moore gave Bond a lighter touch. They’re mostly romps, in fact, never too dark and often spin downright silly, with more awkward stunts and situations – he even makes it to space, in the 1979s. moonraker, at the beginning of the space shuttle era. A good moor vehicle to start with is for your Eyes Only (1981), which is one of the more grounded stories of his run.

Brosnan picked up the baton in the mid-1990s and starred in four films. More muscular than Moore films, he continued the tradition of ultra-fantastic stunts and groaning puns. It had steady work and lasting appeal at the box office, if not at peak levels. Your best bet: golden eye (1995), Brosnan’s first outing.

More in the footnote category are Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby. Dalton made two movies in the late 1980s and this was a bit of a serious twist. flip a coin but expect it to turn upside down the living daylights. For a more interesting entry, try Lazenby, on her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), the producers gave the first stab at casting a different actor as 007. This is the one in which Bond is married – to Diana Rigg, no less.

James Bond movies in chronological order

In the official Bond canon – films made by Eon Productions, starting with Harry Saltzman and Albert Broccoli, and continuing with others in the Broccoli clan – there are 25 films, including the upcoming No Time to Die. Due to licensing problems, there were two other, non-canonical films, including (confusingly) one starring Connery, totaling 27.

Sean Connery

David Niven, et al.

George Lazenby

roger moore

Timothy Dalton

Pierce Brosnan

Daniel Craig

Fun Fact: Casino Royale has been filmed 3 times

There are three versions of Casino Royale, all radically different. We’ve already seen the Daniel Craig version, a strong contender for the best and most definitive Bond film of all time.

Don’t confuse it with the 1967 version of Casino Royale which is a spoof of a movie and a horrifying big-budget mess. It’s a strange mix of Bondian motifs, old-time Hollywood stars, and then-trendy psychedelia. Such a plot involves trying to fool the bad guys with several different people claiming to be James Bond, including David Niven (the real Bond), Peter Sellers, Woody Allen, and former “Bond girl” Ursula Andress. .

Then there’s the real footnote,…

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