Luna Display can now turn your iPad into a second screen for Windows devices

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Another Way After Apple Has Sherlock

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AstroPad’s Luna Display is an easy way to turn an iPad or any other Mac into a wireless external monitor for Apple’s computers. Now the company has updated its wireless dongle To include support for Windows PC, a solid move for the company after Apple’s Sidecar made its functionality a built-in part of iPadOS and macOS.


Windows support is included in Luna Display 5.0 and according to Astropad requires “Windows 10 64-bit, build 1809 or later” and at least iPadOS 12.1. This means that modern Windows devices and iPads can work together in a variety of configurations, including using the Apple Pencil with the iPad as a very expensive drawing tablet for your Windows machine.

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The iPad’s touch controls, gestures, and pencil support are all translated to Windows.
GIF: Astropad

The company is making Luna Display for Windows available in two types of connectors to plug into your Windows devices, USB-C and HDMI. Owners of older USB-C Luna displays are also able to update to add support for Windows starting today. For what it’s worth, Astropad says that the restructuring it did for its 5.0 release also means that the installation of Luna Display on the M1 Mac should be faster.

Astropad first launched the Luna Display in 2017, nearly two years before Apple “sherlocked” it with the sidecar feature added to macOS Catalina. Shortly after, the company updated the Luna Display in response to Apple’s move to work wirelessly between Macs. “Apple zigs, we zag,” Astropad CEO Matt Rong tweeted at the time.

astropad quite open about your copying experience, including suggesting a blessing in disguise When it announced it was testing Windows support in beta (other companies prefer to take legal action). Kickstarter for its new Luna Display for Windows dongle Launched on 30th September, 2020 and was successfully funded only an hour later. People clearly want this functionality for Windows, and now Astropad is finally offering it.

The Luna Display for Mac or PC is $129, with port options for USB-C, HDMI, and Mini DisplayPort.

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