announcement of Mario Party Superstar Back during E3 2021 it made a point to promote how it’s available with 5 Nintendo 64-era boards. Beyond that, not much was known about the title other than two boards Princess Peach’s Birthday Cake and Space Land. According to a September 23 Nintendo Direct, 5 remade boards have surfaced, along with new mods to go along with it.

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title comes after super mario party release, which aims to bring back all kinds of things that fans love about the series with it. The title attempts to bring back the old boards and playing style from the first three titles with not only online play, but updating them with new graphics and some quality of life features at the same time.


the other three N64 boards Mario Party Superstar Revealed to be Woody Woods mario party 3, from Yoshi’s Tropical Island Origins mario party, And the land of horror. From mario party 2. The boards return with all their original specials, such as Monty Moles changing the direction of signs in Woody Woods, and the day and night dynamics found in the Land of Horror. Special new modes were also announced in the new trailer shared during the direct.

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These mods will be part of a section called Mount Minigames, which will have courses and modes dedicated only to minigames. The two modes shown by the trailer are Survival, which deals with being the last to stand out in several minigames, and Tag Match, which pits two players against the other two players in a competitive co-op mode. Seven courses will be available in the Mount minigames, and the trailer assures viewers that all modes and boards will be available for online play.

with disclosure for everything Mario Party SuperstarThere’s a lot for fans to be excited about. Several fan-favorite boards are making their return, updated with new visuals and changes to make the experience even better, with online games to seal the deal.

Now that all 5 Nintendo 64-era boards have been announced, however, some fans may be disappointed at the selection if their favorite boards are left out. While it remains to be seen whether Mario Party Superstar While there will be DLC to bring back even more classic boards, there’s a chance that some of the new features added to the game could make up for the lack of other fan favorites.

Mario Party Superstar It is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch on October 29th.

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