Nintendo has a huge catalog mario-themed spinoffs, and among them, mario party Suffrage has been a staple. The core gameplay has gone through several different iterations over the years, with the iconic game board swapping out for linear tracks, but the recently released Mario Party Superstar goes back to the feeling of mario party, However, this does not mean that Mario Party Superstar Comes with everything that fans want. One Mario Party Superstar The mod adds the small and dangerous Bowser Jr. as a playable character to the game.

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Bowser Jr. is also known simply as Jr. or Jr., and is the younger son of Bowser and Prince of Kopus. This miniature monster is famous for his mischievous personality, aptitude for mechanics, and habit of using the Junior Clown car and magic paintbrush.


Although Bowser Jr. has appeared as a playable character in the past mario party Play, Mario Party Superstar Reduced him to a minor NPC. At least one fan of the character was not content to leave him that way, so they devised a way to make Bowser Jr. playable. Mario Party Superstar, YouTuber Sergeant Spike shared a short video of Bowser Jr. running around the game board, competing in minigames, and interacting with other characters.

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The mod is a full-replacement mod that allows Bowser Jr. to take the place of Mario, Daisy or Birdo. Reportedly, Sgt. Spike plans to give players a wider range of options to replace with Bowser Jr. in the future. Meanwhile, the mod features the Bowser Jr model of the game, a mix of new animations and animations. super mario partyBowser Jr voice clip, custom icons and three new Bowser Jr stickers. In the example video, the resulting character implementation looks almost professional.

At the time of writing, there are a few known bugs that affect Bowser Jr Mod. The spike in the Sergeant mod description notes that not all animations have yet been changed, which mainly affects certain specific minigames. Obviously, some of those animations aren’t pretty at all, although the creator intends to change them in future updates. Bowser Jr. also places some items incorrectly and his icon doesn’t fit very well into the character pictures featured in the character selection screen and post-minigame results screen. Finally, when Bowser Jr. finds an object, the camera inexplicably focuses on his feet instead of his face. However, all of these glitches seem to be minor visual issues and shouldn’t affect gameplay too much.

Mario Party Superstar Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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