Marvel calls X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine “the greatest Wolverine story ever told”

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Marvel Comics has unveiled the covers of the first issues of what the publisher calls “the greatest Wolverine story ever” in the twin limited series X Deaths of Wolverine and X Lives of Wolverine. The two limited series, which followed a format inspired by the intertwining House of X and the Powers of X limited series, which launched Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run.

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Previously announced as a part of the Marvel Comics “tentpole” titles for 2022, new covers for X Deaths of Wolverine and X Lives of Wolverine shed some new light on what could happen in the pages of interlocking stories , who are said to flash back and forth between Wolverine’s past, present and future.

A cover of X Lives of Wolverine #1 from Adam Kubert and Frank Martin (who also created the cover for Wolverine’s X Deaths #1) shows that Logan has taken on a variety of appearances over the years, including glimpses of his current Wolverine costume. have held; His original Wolverine outfit; His iconic white tux jacket and eyepatch he wears as the patch of Madripur; their Weapon X training and programming headgear; their initials black and gold Special Forces uniforms; His Canadian Army uniform from World War I; Here’s a look back at his early days as the troubled James Howlett; And of course see Logan at his wildest, wildest.


Taken together, the pictures describe his life somewhat incompletely (we’re a little surprised not to see Samurai Wolverine featured in the group), as the illegitimate son of a wealthy landowner, enlisted in the Weapon X program, to become a soldier. Being, and eventually joining the X-Men.

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To coincide with the release of the cover, writer Benjamin Percy, who helms both the limited series alongside Wolverine’s ongoing title, has tweeted a tease for Wolverine fans who are still digging into the secrets that surround his life. are ready for.

“I know some people are waiting for a few moments of the Wolverine family,” Percy tweeted. “Okay… stay tuned. Adam Kubert just did a cover for X Lives of Wolverine/X Deaths of Wolverine that’s going to make you stand out and cheer.”

X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine both begin in January.

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