Marvel villains hit the Met Gala red carpet in Devil’s Reign – Villains for Hire #1 preview

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If you thought Kingpin’s return to Disney Plus’ Hawkeye streaming series was surprising, you wouldn’t believe what he’s doing in the comics. Longtime crime boss Wilson Fisk has managed to become mayor of New York City, and is now pushing to ban superheroes for the US presidency as part of the current Devils Reagan crossover event.

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And to help enforce the Kingpin’s new laws, he’s recruited a new group of Thunderbolts—Marvel’s Suicide Squad—team of villains fighting for “good” in name only. Their story begins in a three-issue series on January 19. Devil’s Reign: Villains For Hire,


The Kingpin’s Thunderbolts are Rhino, Whiplash, Electro, Agony and US Agents – NYC’s official superhero squad whose mission is to bring law to the Big Apple – Kingpin’s Law.

Watch this preview of Devil’s Reagan: Villains for Higher #1 by author Clay McLeod Chapman and penciler Manuel García:

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The recent (and upcoming) Hellfire Gala was inspired by the real-life Met Gala in New York, and this stunning fashion event is making its way into Marvel Comics with Devil’s Reagan: Villains From Hire #1. My question for you is, what do the costumes of these villains look like compared to the ones from the Met Gala?

Although the Thunderbolts are not named in the book’s title, Marvel has made it clear in marketing – and previews – that these are actually the publisher’s new version of Thunderbolts. But what you may not notice is that the title ‘Villains for Hire’ also refers to an old Marvel team – Heroes for Hire. In 2011, there was a short-lived Heroes for Hire team called villains for hire,

Devil’s Rain: Villain for Higher #1 (out of 3) will be available for sale on January 19. a collection of three Devil’s Reign: Villains For Hire Issues are expected on June 7.

Original from lightning The team made a big splash with perhaps the biggest narrative trick ever pulled by Marvel.

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