Marvel’s Avengers adds paid XP boosts after slowing leveling and promising cosmetic-only microtransactions

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Marvel’s Avengers now includes microtransactions for in-game boosts, as opposed to a pre-launch pledge to only sell optional cosmetic ingredients.

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The addition of new boost items, which can be used to temporarily increase the amount of XP or resources you get from completing in-game activities, was initially reported VGC. It’s common for games with microtransactions to give players the option to purchase such temporary in-game boons, so it’s not uncommon to see this happen on its own.

However, the addition runs contrary to the assurance that the game will only sell aesthetic content, as stated in Marvel’s Avengers blog post from August 2020 It sets out how the gear and cosmetics will work: “We’ve also committed that content that can be purchased with real money in Marvel’s Avengers will only be aesthetic-related additions, which will ensure that we’ll be there for years to come.” To keep the game fresh. The fight against AIM is just the beginning, there’s more story and more heroes on the horizon.”


You could argue that boosts aren’t really “content,” but it still runs contrary to previous developer pledges that the game will never have a “pay-to-win scenario,” as VGC points out. The addition of boost is a prior change For Marvel’s Avengers, which has leveled characters, requiring more XP starting in March, developers said the earlier progression system “caused pacing issues.” It’s entirely possible that these two changes to the game are unrelated, but it’s still a pretty bad look.

Square Enix has otherwise honored its commitment to continue releasing new heroes, skills, and gear for free. which consists of Apart from Black Panther in August and imminent Spider-Man coming later this year For PS4 and PS5 players.

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Meanwhile, it seems Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios Are Starting to Add Their Stars to the Multiversal Avengers.

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