Marvel's Shang-Chi won't be available to stream until Nov. 12

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is bringing Marvel back to the pre-pandemic norm of releasing movies only in theaters.

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Miracle‘s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings The film has been one of the biggest box-office hits of the pandemic. ride a wave of critical acclaim And speaking of his martial arts fight sequences, Shang-Chi has grossed over $327 million in tickets worldwide in the three weeks since its release. A major factor in its theatrical performance was the film’s streaming strategy, which was not Stream it at all.


Unlike other Disney films released during the pandemic, Shang-Chi was not available to stream on Disney Plus Immediately. While it certainly helped shang chiAt the box office, the strategy opts for fans who have become accustomed to streaming same-day movies or any Afraid of being packed in theaters There has been an increase in COVID-19 as the delta version.

When will Shang-Chi be streaming on Disney Plus?

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will land on Disney Plus To stream on November 12th, at no extra charge to subscribers. That’s much faster than Disney’s theatrical releases, which hit the streaming service before the pandemic, when they typically took five to eight months to start streaming.

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Shang-Chi specifically commits to staying in theaters for at least 45 days, which is mid-October. In the month between the end of the theater exclusive window and the date on Disney Plus, Shang-Chi may be available for rent online or for purchase as a Blu-ray, DVD or other physical format.

streaming release of shang chi Disney is set to coincide with what it’s calling Disney Plus Day, a marketing campaign that will also include the release of some Standalone Special on the service and other promotional trailers, clips and gimmicks.

Why isn’t Shang-Chi already available to stream on Disney Plus?

On September 3, Shang-Chi became available exclusively in theaters, a major change from Disney’s new normal during the pandemic. As theaters closed or capacity dwindled, Disney Plus became an outlet for the company to make movies available to a wider audience, especially as the stock of delayed movies grew.

Some Disney movies — typically mid-budget live-action movies and its latest Pixar movies, Luca and Soul — skipped theaters entirely and were available to stream. Disney Plus at no extra cost. For the biggest movies, Disney Plus introduced its Premier Access model to sell streaming access to new, big-screen movies. Disney Plus members can stream brand new movies at home for a $30 fee on top of their subscription price. Disney has released five movies with this Premiere Access option, notably Miracle‘s Kali Mai In July.

Then as the coverage of vaccinations expanded, Disney resumed plans for theatrical epithets. The first film thus to hit theaters was Free Guy, a video game comedy from Disney’s 20th Century Studios. It was released in theaters on August 13, with a commitment of 45 days to be available in theaters only.

shang chi It was the second Disney film to receive a theatrical exclusive, hitting theaters on September 3 with the same 45-day window. it was the first Miracle The Cinematic Universe film has only been released in theaters since the arrival of Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home in July 2019. Shang-Chi’s box office performance doesn’t keep pace with pre-pandemic MCU releases like Far From Home – in the first two weeks of Spider-Man’s 2019 release, it grossed $280 million at the domestic box office, Shang-Chi was outperformed by about $125 million in the first two weeks.

But Shang-Chi still performed better at the box office than many pre-pandemic Marvel films, such as 2015’s Ant-Man.

Shang-Chi essentially proved that – at least for a film belonging to the world’s most blockbuster film franchise – movie fans would still flock to theaters if they couldn’t stream it at home. That COVID-19 too.

What will happen when the next Marvel movie, Eternal, arrives in November?

Eternals, a star-packed Marvel film set as the next in the superhero franchise to be released, will hit theaters on November 5. It doesn’t have a definite streaming release date yet. But here’s what we do know, and some educated guesses as to what to expect:

  • Disney is planning for the Eternal special to be in theaters for at least 45 days, when it first comes out on November 5.
  • Disney Plus will be the only service that will (eventually) stream Eternals when it becomes available for streaming, but we have no real guidance on when Eternals will stream on Disney Plus. It may arrive on Disney Plus soon after the 45-day theater window, or it may take longer while Eternal has been released as an online rental and in other formats previously.
  • Shang-Chi’s streaming strategy could be an indicator of how Disney Eternal will think about Disney Plus release timing. But, because Shang-Chi’s Disney Plus release is tied to a November 12 marketing campaign, Shang-Chi may not be a credible precedent for how Disney approaches the streaming of the next Marvel movie.
  • It’s unlikely that Eternals will be available to stream any earlier than in Shang-Chi’s case.

Eternal could potentially arrive on Disney Plus about 70 days after its theatrical release, as did Shang-Chi, which would time Eternal’s streaming release around January 11.

Or it may take several months before streaming starts. Before the pandemic, new Disney movies will make their way Disney Plus About five to eight months after it premiered in theaters. If Disney returns to that norm, it’s possible that Disney Plus subscribers may be waiting until the summer of 2022 to start streaming Eternal. (However, it seems more likely that Eternals will become available to stream on Disney Plus than in pre-pandemic norms.)

Unfortunately, we won’t know for sure until Disney confirms its streaming plans for Eternal, and Disney isn’t likely to do so for some time.

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