Marvel’s Spider-Man Fans have been patiently awaiting more details about the release of the 2023 sequel, and some are killing time by sharing their hopes for the game’s story and features. recently, Marvel’s Spider-Man Fans began to discuss Gwen Stacy, with several anticipating a possible spin-off game.

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it’s not the first time that Marvel’s Spider-Man Fans have brought in the character of Gwen Stacy. A few months ago, fans discussed Gwen’s ability to appear as a potential love interest for Miles Morales, leading to their relationship in the comics. While some were on board with the idea, others wanted to see him start a romance with Hailey, building on their chemistry in their solo game. However, even more wanted Gwen to be a superhero in her own right.


While the original version of Gwen Stacy has Spider-Man’s one of the saddest deaths in comic book history after he was killed by the Green Goblin, an alternate universe version has become even more popular than the original. Introduced in 2014, Spider-Gwen is a version of Gwen Stacy who gets the powers Peter’s fans use. Their roles are also completely reversed, too, with Peter facing a tragic death after turning into The Lizard. With a unique outfit, a rock band, and some funny baddies, Spider-Gwen has proven to be very popular since her first appearance.

I’d love if they introduced Gwen organically, and produced a story/game the way they did for Miles. From

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Considering Gwen’s popularity, it’s hardly a surprise that Redditors like SunbatherZero want to see the Spider-Gwen game become a reality. However, fans and many commentators don’t want to see their introduction in a hurry. Instead, they want to see him introduced in the sequel and built up like Miles Morales, giving players a glimpse of his life before he gains his power. in view of the success of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, more spin-off titles would certainly make sense among the numbered entries in the series.

It’s worth noting, though, that players are divided on how to present that. Some are concerned about three Spider-People in one universe, which is a bit much to juggle. Others, like Redditor UpUppAndAwayWeb, are tired of the Spider-Verse concept dominating movies and comics and would prefer the Spider-Gwen game to be completely separate from the main timeline. While this could see him eventually cross into the main timeline, returning to a grounded Spider-Man story once Spider-Verse opens would be difficult.

Whether the Spider-Gwen spin-off is linked or kept separate, it will be exciting to see Insomniac Games provide a fresh look at the character at some point. while the next Marvel’s Spider-Man The game can be quite hectic, the post-credits scene or a few short story scenes laying the groundwork for Spider-Gwen may excite many fans.

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