Marvel’s Spider-Man Insomniac Games will certainly debut long after its time in terms of what it has to offer and improve upon the pantheon of superhero-related games.

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While Activision’s spider man 2 Movie tie-ins are still discussed today for their novel approach to web-swinging in an open-world environment, and there is a general consensus that Marvel’s Spider-Man has improved spider man 2 In many ways. Marvel’s Spider-ManIntuitive ground-to-air combat is packed with gadgets, abilities, and environmental interactions, and more recently, a unique environmental interaction has been discovered by players.


Reddit user putt123 shared his discovery of environmental interaction Marvel’s Spider-Man It is not commonly seen in casual play, nor is it very well known by most players. In the clip provided by him, putt123 is seen maneuvering foolishly Marvel’s Spider-ManBefore open-world Manhattan they see a user-interface prompt for a nearby fire escape. This prompt is the same interaction prompt that appears on other environmental set pieces that players can web-yank and throw as a projectile and, curious to see what happens, putt123 registers the indicated input. Is.

have played this game for almost a year now and realized i can From

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The result is a web-yanked fire escape balcony, perfectly torn from the side of the building and onto the street below. In fact, the environment is one of players’ greatest tools. Marvel’s Spider-Man And it’s largely effective when gadgets are in short supply or if the enemy’s hordes become too large. Spider-Man’s ability to dodge enemies in the air or leap freely in multiple combat scenarios allows players the buoyancy with which set pieces of the environment are able to take out enemies quickly.

Many players admit they haven’t seen this interaction before, which has led to the unconfirmed belief that it was patched through a previous update and not an obvious feature since Marvel’s Spider-Manis the launch of. However, Daredevil731 claims they were able to perform the feat “around launch”, so perhaps this is just an unusual interaction. It is also unclear whether every New York City fire escape has a detachable floor balcony, or if this interaction is visible only in certain areas.

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Spider-Man can drop shelving units on unsuspecting thugs or stack the stationary Daily Bugle newspaper on them, but the Fire Escape balcony web-yanks are far less common conversations than the often-appearing throwables. Is. Thanks for the clip which is currently playing Marvel’s Spider-Man Now one can look up to find close fire escapes during combat that could help turn the tide and provide something much needed to control the crowd.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Available now on PS4 and PS5.

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