PlayStation Showcase 2021 has got gamers excited, and a lot of hype surrounds two upcoming Marvel projects being developed by Insomniac Games. One of the games revealed was the much awaited spider man 2 For PS5, where it will continue the adventures of Peter Parker and Miles Morales. The second was a project that took fans by complete surprise, as a game centered on beloved X-Men member Wolverine is on the way. Fans were only given a brief CGI teaser trailer Marvel’s Wolverine, but it gives a good idea of ​​the tone of the game.

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It featured a bloody, horrific ordeal while sitting in Logan’s bar, drinking quietly while listening to some music. When he approaches someone from behind, he has lots of marks and blood stains on his knuckles. Once his attacker reveals himself, Logan simply gets his claws ready for battle. In this trailer some fans were asking how big the game is wolverine would be, as well as if it would be darker than the Insomniac Spider Man Brian Horton, a creative director for the game Insomniac Games, was happy to touch on both points.


The original question was asked by a fan on Twitter, soon after the trailer came out. He asked whether the scale of the game would be larger, or if it would be smaller in scope for comparison. Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Horton was able to confirm not only that it would be a bigger, “full-size” game, but that it would also take on a more mature tone.

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This confirmation of this tone opens up possibilities for where the game could go. One of the aspects that many fans want to see captured in this new wolverine The game is the brutality of Logan’s claws. Wolverine’s claws are lethal weapons that most fans feel can only be possessed through more violent interpretations of his character. This can be seen in the final film in which Hugh Jackman starred as Wolverine, Logan. It is quite possible that based on these comments the game may get an M-rating before release, although this is purely speculation.

In comparison, the last two Spider Man The game was rated T for Teen by Insomniac, despite touching on some subject matter that could qualify for an M-rating. The last superhero game to receive an M-rating was Batman: Arkham Knight by Rocksteady in 2015, while the last Marvel Comics game to receive an M-rating dead pool in 2013. The possibility that the game might get an M-rating also makes it possible that some of the more mature wolverine Comic book stories can also be adapted. Once Insomniac Games is finished Marvel’s Spider-Man 2fans hope to see wolverine Have some bloody fun.

Marvel’s Wolverine In development for PS5.

man with knife running towards wolverine
Marvel’s Wolverine game is exciting for PlayStation fans, but disappointing for everyone else

Wolverine’s PlayStation exclusivity is a big deal for PlayStation owners, but for Marvel fans with other systems, it’s yet another setback.

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