Marvel’s Wolverine will have a “mature tone,” according to its creative director

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The creative director for Marvel’s Wolverine says the title will have a “mature tone.”

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Following the game’s announcement during last week’s PlayStation Showcase, developer Insomniac Games’ Brian Horton announced on Twitter that he would be the game’s creative director, a role he also played in 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man.

In response to that tweet, a fan asked Horton whether Marvel’s Wolverine would be a “‘Miles Morales’-sized game,” referencing the shorter follow-up to Peter Parker’s early adventure. It’s certainly a fair question — Insomniac has already produced three major exclusives over the past three years, and while the show also confirmed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a smaller project might be all that. The studio should have the resources.


Luckily for all of you Hugh Jackman fans, it doesn’t seem so. Horton confirmed that Marvel’s Wolverine would be a “full-size” experience. Perhaps for anyone who’s ever seen Logan working on the big screen or in the pages of his comic books, Horton also confirmed that the title would have a “mature tone.”

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How this will be brought to life in the final experience remains to be seen, but the bar fight from the first teaser suggests that Logan doesn’t have the same “no killing” stance as Miles or Peter. Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales both boast a ‘teenage’ ESRB rating, but it seems as though Marvel’s Wolverine may tip over a ‘mature’ rating instead. Either way, it may take a while for us to find out — with Spider-Man 2 targeting a 2023 release, Wolverine could be a long way off.

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Bruce may appear in the banner Marvel’s Wolverine Is Hiding An Incredible Hulk Easter Egg In Teaser.

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