mass Effect A series of games apparently about a small group trying to save their galaxy through space. For most players, though, it’s mostly about characters that are well-written and defined – with Garrus being particularly popular.

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Garrus is one of the more consistent characters mass Effect, both in terms of characterization and actual appearance in the original trilogy. To say that Garrus is very much loved by many in the community is an understatement, and with mass Effect With sports being famous for its romance, bonding goes beyond friendship for many. Many people love Garrus, some people care for him to pay tribute to that love.


The fan art of Garrus has much in common, as does the art of Garrus and the female Shepard together. Introduced only as a romantic alternative after the first game in the series, Garrus was not the choice of many players for a lover on the first playthrough. After all, his appearance doesn’t lend itself to romantic ideas right off the bat, due in large part to his crooked rugs, mandibles, and a head even sharper than Yugi Motto. But there’s enough personality beneath that disguise that one fan made some beautiful art of the wedding between her and Commander Shepard.

Garrus and Shepard ️ (Credit: Elingontier on Deviantart) From
mass Effect

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Even among other artwork focused on Garrus and Shepard’s relationship, this particular piece stands out for its detailed, beautiful characters. Garrus looks smart in a human-style tuxedo that can only be assumed, specially tailored for him. Meanwhile, Shepard is in a wedding dress that shows off her muscles. She also has two guns which are all adorned with flowers and bows, which is a nice touch. Meanwhile, Garrus is handling Shepard’s hamster. This is an image made more bitter by the end of the trilogy, as fans get to see what could have happened.

The artist behind this work is Elingontier, who has a lot of video game fans on DeviantArt. This piece was created specifically as a gift for her sister, clearly a fan of this special relationship. This is far from the only tribute players paid to Garrus in one way or another, with some very detailed Garrus cosplay showing the fan base’s appreciation for Turian.

Through Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, new players are learning what made the trilogy such a ubiquitous conversation piece when it was still fresh and innovative. As such, now’s the perfect opportunity to learn how to romance the Garas and find out what all the hype is about.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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