As a game set in space, mass Effect There are several spacecraft in the franchise. One of the most notable of these vehicles is the Normandy SR-2. During the games, the starship was under the control of the main protagonist, Commander Shepard. The spacecraft served as Shepard’s headquarters after SSV Normandy, her previous vessel, was destroyed. Recently, a fan decided to copy the design of this sci-fi ship in real life.

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In a post on Reddit, a user known as SnooMacaroons3463 recently shared several photos of a project he completed involving his Audi. as a fan of mass Effect In the series, a Reddit user decided to redesign the car based on the Normandy SR-2 starship. In the collection of images, the vehicle had a sleek look. It featured a white base color with blue and black highlights near the front wheels which were then tapered off at the rear. In addition, “SR-2” was added to one side door, while “Normandy” was on the other. In addition, the design included the classic logos of the franchise.


In addition to showing the car with several photos, SnooMacaroons3463 provided some details behind it mass Effect Car skin. Instead of designing the vehicle himself, he hired someone to complete the project. According to a reddit user, mass Effect The design was printed on Avery sheets and then laminated. He also revealed that the car was wrapped in a single layer, except for the blue stripes on the top and the hood. In addition, he “plasti dipped” the rims and emblem which were part of the design.

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After several people asked about the price, SnooMacaroons3463 revealed that the cost of getting a custom design varies. He explained that completing the project required several steps, such as hiring a designer and going to a wrapping shop. SnooMacaroons3463 said the project took about a week of work and cost about $4,000. However, he noted that it could be cheaper in other regions.

This new post by SnooMacaroons3463 impressed many members mass Effect community on reddit. With over 3,700 upvotes in one week, fans were impressed with how the custom design for the Audi turned out. Many people liked the Alliance colors used in the design, many of whom wanted to make mass Effect Design for your own vehicles.

Image Gallery (2 Images)

In addition to this impressive Normandy SR-2 Audi, many other fans of the series have demonstrated their artistic talents. Recently, a gamer created unique fan art that re-imagined mass Effect characters in the art style of hollow knight, with so many creative people mass Effect community, it will be interesting to see how the fans display their love for the franchise going forward.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: reddit

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