Mass Effect is perfect for a TV adaptation – and it may finally happen

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With their space opera vibe and obvious influences from classic sci-fi TV shows like Star Trek, Mass Effect games have always felt perfect for a TV adaptation. Now, a new report suggests that may finally be happening.

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Sources who spoke to Deadline have revealed that Amazon is looking to enhance its Prime Video streaming service with an adaptation of the Mass Effect video game series.

“Amazon Studios is close to a deal from Electronic Arts to develop a series based on the best-selling sci-fi video game franchise,” the report said, adding that the studios pursuing the franchise rights Behind cites Amazon’s continued TV adaptation successes. Amazon has picked up a strong audience for the comic book adaptation The Boys, has seen a solid reception for its new The Wheel of Time novel series adaptation, and is currently working on a highly anticipated Lord of the Rings prequel series.


“You’ll see that we continue to invest in all kinds of fantasy genres, we have a genre-focused team on the ground at studios that work tirelessly with our creative partners on those slates, and you can expect more. We can hope that,” Jennifer Salke, the head of Amazon Studios, told Deadline when asked about future plans.

ripe for adaptation

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There’s no game series better than Mass Effect when it comes to TV potential. A galaxy-spanning saga with four game lore and world-building, its original series centered on Commander Shepard and his fight to save the galaxy from the re-emergence of an ancient machine race that is bent on destroying all organic is you. Life.

With an incredible cast of characters, locations and technologies, and a multi-threaded story that already provides gamers with captivating sub-plots, twists, and character inspiration, the many series of Star Trek-like content can be easily extracted from For from Mass Effect is enough. It would need a substantial budget to do its space-age universe justice, but would easily pick up an early audience with a vested interest, and pique the interest of a generation raised on Star Wars and the aforementioned Trek.

Amazon will also liaise with the already established audience base for the game adaptation genre. Netflix has had some success with its Castlevania TV series, and HBO’s big-budget adaptation of The Last of Us games is highly expected. Not only is the source material of Mass Effect ripe for serialization, but there is a huge and devoted fanbase who enjoys the series primarily for its storytelling.

But which Commander Shepard will the series focus on? Players can make the Interstellar Hero any gender of their choice in their image, and can combine their morality with the forces of good or evil. Casting a Commander for a TV show would be canonizing a version of the character – so perhaps the series should focus on Mass Effect’s world-building rather than the game series’ heroes, as one’s closer to cherished images. Afraid of walking the audience’s personal shape?

Elsewhere in Mass Effect news, game developers BioWare have indicated that work is underway on the next video game entry in the series.

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