Mass Effect TV series could alienate fans, says former BioWare lead

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A former BioWare developer has expressed concern over the reported Mass Effect TV adaptation.

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Earlier today, former BioWare head writer David Gaidar wrote the tweet thread below, spelling out some of his thoughts about the Mass Effect TV series. Gaidar’s long thread addresses concerns over the adaptation’s protagonist becoming a character with a pre-established personality, rather than the blank slate he intended.

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Gaidar also wrote about how the proposed adaptation would have chosen a gender for Commander Shepard, potentially directly alienating a large portion of Mass Effect’s player base. Additionally, the plots of beloved side characters such as Garrus had to take the player’s agency into account, writes Gaider, and risk being eliminated entirely in a TV series with a player having no overriding agency.


Gaidar’s comments certainly lead to some real obstacles standing in the way of the Mass Effect TV series. At its heart, Gaidar’s thread is really talking about the challenge of adapting countless characters and their stories into a single TV series, something that’s going to be an absolutely monumental task for anyone to pull off. .

Right now, the Mass Effect TV series is not in active development. Gaidar’s comments stemmed from a report that Amazon was close to a deal to develop a show based on the beloved BioWare franchise, but nothing has been confirmed yet. There are certainly a lot of Mass Effect fans out there, though, so each has their own opinion on the characters and plot lines, and it will be especially interesting to see how this adaptation develops in the coming years, if it progresses at all. Is.

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