no man’s sky, one of the most ambitious video games in recent memory, had a rocky start filled with bugs and unfulfilled promises. Although Hello Games got a ton of bad press and negativity over the game’s troubled launch, it kept it cool — and rebuilt — over the years. no man’s sky In the story of the return of the ages.

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Today, the developers of no man’s sky BioWare’s . announced a crossover with mass Effect franchise, allowing players the ability to obtain previously coveted ships mass Effect Sport: Normandy SR-1. Considering the overlap of people who have played both games at some point in their gaming careers, Hello Games has made a prudent decision to spark interest for former players to check out the game – or for those who still don’t. are on the fence to give no man’s sky a try.


The Normandy SR-1 will be made available for a limited time through the use of the game’s Campaigns, a shared seasonal event system that gives players the opportunity to perform unique missions and earn themed rewards. Specifically, players will be able to get Commander Shepard’s famous starship from December 8th to December 21st no man sky The Beachhead campaign is the second of four campaign “reruns” coming this holiday season.

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In a tweet posted by Hello Games founder Sean Murray, it was announced that players who didn’t participate in campaigns during their original release dates will have to re-watch those with the first campaign – Pioneers. Opportunity, which he would have missed. – Releasing today on November 24 and will run till December 7.

Originally, mass effect Normandy was added no man’s sky In May, soon after release Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, so the players who were unable to get it at that time are provided with another opportunity to do so. The class of ship is ranked S, which can be Starship, Multitool, Cargoer or upgrade to the highest level in the game. The class designation affects the number of slots the ship has and the bonus multiplier as well as its price.

One important thing to add is that these return missions are described as a “one time” thing, so players must once again look to the skies, and prepare for a lift off.

no man’s sky Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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