Massage Robotics wants you to come and be touched by a robot – if that’s your thing

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Somewhere in Las Vegas, a pair of robotic arms are gently massaging a human at CES 2022 — and we’re calling it innovation.

Massage Robotics of California gave consumers a first look at fascinating massage therapy technology at this year’s spectacular Gadget Showcase, a product it introduced late last year. As the name implies, it is a massage system that does not depend on humans. Instead, the table uses a pair of robotic arms that resemble Universal Robotics which sells partners for a variety of tasks (Massage Robotics has not confirmed this). However, the massage isn’t what we anticipated.


There is one arm on each side of the motorized table. Both can be adapted to massage with friendly hands (effectors), which, ultimately, look nothing like hands. In one display, a rollerblade looks like a pair of wheels, while in another a kind of wide, soft squeegee.

Fear not, this robot wants to help you feel better.

One hand moves the model’s back gently up and down, while the other focuses the wide bar on her hamstrings.

The robotic arms are voice-activated and can respond to commands to move left or right, or to increase or decrease pressure, according to Massage Robotics. One would also expect them to respond with a forceful, “Stop!”

The Massage Robotics Model Mr-01 Robot Table is backed by the cloud so you can store favorite massage routines and share them with friends (who even has this table?). It’s also using AI and machine learning for AI and machine learning, and is “learning what humans like.”

Yes, we know, it sounds pretty scary, but the video performance makes it quite enjoyable. Pricing hasn’t been set, but it looks like most of these tables will end up at commercial massage enterprises.

The massage robotics table is still under development and commercial use is expected in the second quarter of this year.

So are you ready, as Massage Robotics asks, to “see how cool a robot can feel”? That’s what we thought.

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