a huge mod for dark Souls finally nearing release Dark Souls: Nightfall Receives a trailer revealing its exact release date. After several months of development, Dark Souls: Nightfall It’s just a few weeks away from being revealed to the world.

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dark Souls From Software is one of the biggest franchises, the studio’s breakout hit after a long history of experimental adventure titles and armored corps Chain. After making a name for itself the studio continued to develop several sequels. dark Souls As well as other games with similar gameplay and structure.


Dark Souls: Nightfall A delayed announcement was received just a few days ago, with a teaser for the new release date created to pique fans’ excitement. Grimrukh, one of the leading developers dusk, say the delay was partially made to match elden ring‘s delay. duskThe world and story of the game are a mystery for now, so players will have to wait until the release on January 21, 2022. the month between dusk And elden ringHopefully the release will have enough time for dedicated players to complete the mod in time elden ring launch.

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team working on dusk The mod has an impressive history. Several members of the team have previously worked on other high-profile mods, with the project lead having previously created both daughters of ashu And roguelike soul, daughters of ashu especially impressive, whole new enemies and bosses have been added, so dusk There are some seriously high expectations to live up to. With so much cool about Team Mod’s world, all players will have to do is visit old trailers and occasional glimpses of development material.

dusk requires a specific version of dark Souls to work; Owners of the older Ready to Die version will need to upgrade Dark Souls Remastered for the mod to work properly. While this may be frustrating for some, it is understandable as the newly remastered version makes things easier by being less out of date. It’s been several months without a YouTube channel being uploaded, so hopefully the final mod will be worth the anticipation.

In a YouTube description, the release date trailer describes the mod as a “direct, fan-made sequel”. dark Souls, which means new fan lore will appear in dusk, While fan lore doesn’t usually make it into official canon material, it does make for an interesting expansion to an earlier setting. dark Souls And offers story-focused fans even more to dive into. dusk Living up to the high expectations and is expected to live up to the standard set in the previous works of the creators.

Dark Souls: Nightfall Issues as a mode for Dark Souls Remastered On 21st January 2022.

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