Massive Hunt: Showdown update to add a powerful revolver, rifle variants, and a new way to heal

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Hunt: Showdown’s new 1.6.2 update, which is currently playable on the game’s test servers, will add a powerful new revolver, new variants for the Waiterly 71 carabiner rifle, and a new health regeneration consumable that will automatically fire during a firefight. Can definitely patch you up.

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First up is the new Scottfield Model 3 revolver, a small slot and six-shot capacity medium ammo pistol (based on real life smith & wesson model 3 revolver, Or Scofield from Red Dead Redemption). The open cylinder and quick ejector let you load it faster than any other revolver in the game, so if you’re the kind of person who struggles to land headshots and relies on heavy shot counts, the Model 3 is your go-to. might be for. The tradeoff is that its damage and range are weaker than comparable Caldwell packs. Still, the Model 3 unlocks at Rank 1, and its medium ammo type means it will hit harder and have more travel than compact revolvers in its price range.

The Waiterli 71 carabiner rifle is a popular choice for middle-range shooters in the Hunt: Showdown already, but patch 1.6.2 is bringing two new variants into the mix: the Vetterli Silencer and the Waiterli Marksman. The Silent variant makes the Vertelli only the third rifle in the game, with a suppressed option useful in stealth scenarios (at the expense of muzzle velocity), while the Marksman would make the Vertelli a viable sniping option with higher-powered longer scopes.


There are also rare new healing items from new hunt weapons. Regeneration Shot is a new consumable that will automatically heal players over time, with a few caveats:

  • Your health regeneration will be halved (from 5 health per second to 2.5).
  • Your health bar won’t stop rebuilding when you reach the health chunk border.
  • Your health will recover immediately after taking damage instead of a five-second delay.
  • Health regeneration is stopped if you have been burned, poisoned, or bleeding.
  • If you are reviving a teammate using the Necromancer attribute, health regeneration stops.

There are two versions of the health regeneration shot: a “weak” five-minute version and a normal shot that lasts 10 minutes.

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Update 1.6.2 is now available on Hunt: Showdown’s test server. You can check out the full patch notes for Hunt: Showdown 1.6.2, which also includes some significant changes to stamina shots, attribute cost, and special ammo. Here. Crytek hasn’t announced when the update will reach live servers, but considering the normal trial period, we should expect it within a few weeks.

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