Nintendo hosted a livestreamed Nintendo Direct presentation today to reveal upcoming titles to be released for the Nintendo Switch in the near future. PlatinumGames revealed the first gameplay reveal trailer for Bayonetta 3; Nintendo revealed that N64 games will be coming to Switch Online service soon. Even Capcom teased a new expansion for monster hunter rise, the latest mainline title in the action-RPG series.

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monster hunter rise The review launched for Switch in early 2022 to boost reviews, and Capcomn is constantly putting out updates to the game that add new quests and things to do, but the new paid expansion is called sunbreak Will bring even more material for hunters.


in reveal trailer Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, fans didn’t get to see much in terms of gameplay, but it did showcase one of the new locations that players will get to see, as well as a terrifying new monster that will actually cause the hunters some trouble. At this time, Capcom hasn’t shared details on the beast, but the company promises that more details about this monster, and other details, will be coming soon.

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NS sunbreak extension for monster hunter rise However, not only are some new monsters and weapons being added. Capcom has confirmed that the content will include an all-new story, new gameplay elements, new locations, a new quest rank, and more. The original game already has over 100 hours of content for players to sink their teeth into, and it looks like this lengthy expansion could possibly double.

After hitting nearly 10 million copies sold, it makes sense for Capcom to add more content. monster hunter rise. And once the new expansion rolls out on the same day for both Switch and PC, there’s bound to be even more sales. monster hunter rise GOTY is already one of the contenders for 2021, and Sunbreak could be one of the best DLC of 2022.

Together Bayonetta 3handjob splatoon 3handjob The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, And Kirby and the Forgotten Land All planned for release in 2022, next year looks stoked for Nintendo Switch owners.

monster hunter rise Available now for Switch, with a PC port planned for early 2022.

Nintendo 64 Console
Nintendo reveals more N64 games coming to Switch online in future updates

Nintendo teases several Nintendo 64 games that will be coming to its Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pass service down the line.

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