Maybe the Internet Shouldn’t Pick an Oscars Host

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Good guys, we’re here again: awards season. Not only that, this is the second awards season to happen amid a surge in a major COVID-19 case, which makes the red carpet and big gals unsafe if not undesirable. The Grammys Are Already Done Postponed From their original date of 31 January. The AFI Awards Lunch is Over pushed back Very. the list goes And so on, One thing that hasn’t been postponed or canceled yet? Oscar. The show is scheduled for March 27—and this time around, it will have a host.

Not that it never had a host before. In years past, everyone from Billy Crystal to Ellen DeGeneres has attended the show. But no one has had a gig since the end of Jimmy Kimmel’s run in 2018. (One reason the show was host-less was that there was a whole Kevin Hart controversy That I’m not going to enter here.) However, this year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is going to have someone fill that position once again. The thing is, they don’t know who that is.


after news broke On Tuesday that the show will host speculation intensified about who it could be and who it could be needed Happen. Spider-Man: No Way Home Star Tom Holland throws his hat in the ring, page six Reported Somebody had a good idea to give Pete Davidson the mic. But while everyone was waiting for the official announcement, the internet does what it does best, and weeds out contenders of its own.

one of the obvious crowd favorite It was Elmo. little red friend from Sesame Street is burning on the internet lately because a rant he went – for involuntary Sesame Street But not to Elmo – how stupid is it to give a cookie to a pet rock. (Yeah, it actually happened. He actually yelled at fellow puppeteer Zoe, “Not Rocco’s” Living!” in a real moment that 2022 could be the year of all extreme existential dread except to prove.) On the surface, that might be a good idea. Who doesn’t want the night to end with Sesame Street The character is yelling “why was it” drive my car despised? Tell Elmo!”? But then you’ll remember that Hollywood has plenty of petty kids, and hosting an awards show gets old very quickly.

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one more Idea What popped up was not only Holland host, but also Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire—his fellow Spider-Men. Looks like fun! But at the same time, why are we ignoring Zendaya? just sayin’. As the week passed, other names entered the fray. Willem Defoe! Eric Andre! academy too question on twitter, asking people to offer hypothetical host options. (Personal favorite suggestion: saturday night live Cast member Bowen Yang.)

Mostly, it’s all in good fun. But there’s also a little worry in the back of my mind that says, don’t listen to the internet, Social media is great for many things; Choosing an Oscar host isn’t one of them. Mainly because like Yang suggested, there’s a slight chance that the internet’s top (serious) alternatives might actually be good. The whole point of the Oscars hosting a gig is that you have to be a Twitter punching bag of sorts. Even when it comes to jokes, people will try to punch online punchlines. If there’s a universal darling driving the show, no one will want to take potshots. Where’s the fun in that? If anything, the Academy should heed the proposal that James Corden hosts in that cat’s Dress, This kind of garbage fire 2022 deserves.

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