Meet the Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals Category and Special Award Winners

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Challenge of extreme technology (XTC), the world’s largest startup competition dedicated to purposeful innovation and sponsor TechCrunch Sessions: Climateselected 10 category finalists and three special award winners to participate in the XTC 2022 Global Finals at the Climate Conference on June 14, 2022 at UC Berkeley.

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Due to the exceptional number of entries this year, we will also feature 10 category runners-up in the Global Finals.

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Meet the winners and prize-winners of the XTC category:

Modern materials

  • Winner: Mi Terro creates ocean-degradable and home-compostable packaging materials from agricultural waste to replace single-use plastic and paper.
  • Second place: MicroTau Prints nature-inspired microscopic patterns to reduce drag and impart properties including anti-fouling, antibacterial and hydrophobic effects.
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Agricultural technology and food

  • Winner: Amai Squirrels produces healthy, tasty and affordable proteins for the mass food market. Its first product is hypersweet protein as a calorie-free, healthy and food-compatible sugar substitute.
  • Second place: Nofenke, the world’s first commercial virtual livestock fence where animals are controlled by GPS collars and an app.

Biotechnology and medical devices

  • Winner: UniFAHS offers customized phage-based products to kill serious foodborne disease causing bacteria, especially those present in livestock and aquaculture.
  • Second place: MicroFuse Technologies is a software company that provides expertise in software development, custom programming, artificial intelligence, branding, and network security solutions. Their main clientele are: health sector, education, sustainable development.

Cleantech, energy and environment

  • Winner: to react offers a sustainable solution for the most difficult to treat industrial wastewater with persistent organic pollutants (POPs) currently incinerated.
  • Second place:BeFC offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solution for low power electronics. It manufactures paper-based biofuel cells to replace conventional miniature batteries used in portable or wearable electronic devices.

Digital health

  • Winner: Virtulap combines neuroscience and virtual reality to help increase attention levels and address cognitive illnesses, disorders, and learning problems.
  • Second place: Virus Diagnosticseffectively detect pathogens and eliminate the current pandemic by providing access to accurate and ultra-fast testing for COVID-19 anywhere, anytime.


  • Winner: Abwaaban online learning platform that allows high school students to learn at their own pace, test themselves, and move forward with experienced teachers anytime, anywhere.
  • Second place: Kide Science offers an engaging model to break stereotypes and give teachers the confidence to deliver research-based lessons with games and stories for children ages 3 to 8.

Technology Inclusion

  • Winner: Cooling creates custom HPC servers designed to build the world’s fastest, greenest computers.
  • Second place: swIDch provides simple, fast, accurate and secure authentication for every digital identity in everyday life, business and even offline.


  • Winner: RealKeyan innovative provider of digital mortgage technology that enables banks and non-bank mortgage lenders (MLOs) to streamline the mortgage processing process for borrowers.
  • Second place: MyTM provides e-tickets for public transport, branchless banking, microfinance services (generating loans through an agent network) and financial services.


  • Winner: AELER Technologies transforms logistics by introducing advanced technologies into the container and its surrounding ecosystem. The UNIT ONE container is stronger, insulated, super smart, eco-friendly and increases payload.
  • Second place: New Frontier Aerospaceits rocket-powered hypersonic jets carry passengers and emergency cargo anywhere on Earth in 2 hours or less—cleaner than airplanes.

Sustainable smart cities

  • Winner: creates value from plastic waste, enabling collectors, recyclers, brands and consumers to make a real impact on the environment.
  • Second place: Bioelements aims to turn polluting products into eco-friendly solutions with an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic.
  • Second place: Kiron Digital develops algorithms for remote monitoring of forest threats such as pests, diseases and forest fires using satellite data.

Meet the winners of the XTC Special Award category:

  • Founding Woman:
    Cooling creates custom HPC servers with its own patented two-phase cooling system, which can significantly increase computing power, as well as increase cooling energy efficiency and power consumption.
  • People’s Choice:
    Savvyan all-in-one app that helps cafe managers improve profitability, streamline operations, and reduce waste with data-driven insights.
  • UNICEF EdTech:
    , a math learning gaming platform that reaches one million teachers and students in over 50 countries. This brings a scientifically measurable improvement in learning outcomes.

    knowable received special mention. Available on mobile apps for experts and non-specialists alike, this machine learning solution helps provide early detection (from video) and treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Get to know everything XTC 2022 Global Finalists Cohort

The evaluators of the competition worked with a group of nearly 2,000 startup applicants from nearly 100 countries who are working to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through technology and innovation.

XTC category winners and special award winners will perform on the main stage of the TechCrunch Sessions: Climate featured by the Extreme Tech Challenge 2022 Global Finals on June 14th, held in person at UC Berkeley. Join us at the event to find out which company will be the winner of XTC 2022.

About extreme technologies

Extreme Tech Challenge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity whose mission is to empower startups that create new technological innovations to solve global problems. It is the world’s largest ecosystem and competition for targeted technologies, inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

The Extreme Tech Challenge™ is backed by leading corporations, VCs, foundations, policy makers, universities and tech conferences to provide outstanding startups with the potential for global exposure, the opportunity to raise capital, networking with world leaders, and access to world-class mentorship to help them become pioneers of technological breakthroughs that solve our most extreme global problems. A complete list of XTC partners and information on how to join can be found at

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