Melissa Etheridge brings the secret origin of her guitars to comic books

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Melissa Etheridge is a well-known singer, songwriter, guitarist, and activist — but now she can add another role to her resume: a comic book creator.

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The two-time Grammy Award-winning composer is developing an original graphic novel (OGN), titled Melissa Etheridge’s Heartbeat, which will focus on his vast guitar collection – a collection that began when his father first gave him at the age of eight.


“As many of my fans know, my relationship with my guitar is beyond special and these instruments hold a very important place in my life,” Etheridge says in the announcement of the graphic novel. “I’m so excited to share all of these stories and images from our entire collection and want to make them all a part of this incredible graphic novel.”

Etheridge is working on Melissa Etheridge’s Heartstrings OGN with comic book writer Frank Marafino, music journalist Steve Hochman and artist Manuela Pertega. The quartet will focus on a specific guitar in each chapter, which is referenced around Etheridge’s storied career.

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“The first time I saw Melissa perform, when she was still an unknown but clearly explosive talent, I wanted to help share her story with the world and have had the privilege of doing so throughout the years. ,” says Hochman, who writes for Rolling Stone. “But in sharing the story of these guitars, there’s no better way than in this creative format, in which to show us, as well as tell the stories of his incredible collection of string instruments, dialogue through Frank’s talent. and is clearly depicted with the scene—in the setting, and Manuela’s captivating artwork.”

Melissa Etheridge’s Heartstrings will be published by Z2 Comics, which is known for several music-themed graphic novels in recent years, one of which Elvis Presley, doors, Jason Derulo, And zarface,

Melissa Etheridge’s Heartstrings go on sale in June 2022, which coincides with Pride Month. OGN is planned to be available in several editions: softcover and hardcover, as well as deluxe and super deluxe editions. Z2 Comics website Including exclusive vinyl, art prints, signed guitars, and more.

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