Meta is testing a new meta privacy control center across apps

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Meta, formerly Facebook, has been tinkering with how it tells users about their privacy choices. The company has switched where this information lives and how it is explained several times over the years and is now centralizing some privacy FAQs and controls in one place across its family of apps.

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The new Privacy Center, called privacy centera trial available for some US-based Facebook desktop users for now, but will be available to “more people and apps” in the coming months. If you’re in a limited trial, you can find the new Privacy Notification Center in the Privacy section of the Settings menu. As it stands, the privacy settings are split between Facebook’s Privacy Shortcuts and the Privacy Checkup menu, which are far from ideal but still give a rough idea of ​​how the platform is used to handle these controls. is improvement.

The new Privacy Center will break things down into five categories: Security, Sharing, Archiving, Use, and Advertising. Meta is still pushing the idea of ​​”privacy education” with the changes, a kind of succinct way of saying that if you don’t go over the problem of sorting out all of these things then it’s on you when the company is your personal one. Puts data to good use.


Facebook has historically offered users Byzantine, difficult to navigate privacy controls, often with the most important settings buried in menus. It’s improved some, but despite what everyone says these days, Meta still has a vested interest in sharing as much data as possible to its users. That position has been abundantly clarified by the company Specific objections to Apple’s iOS ad tracking changeswhich limited the ability of apps to follow user behavior – a clear victory for consumer privacy.

It’s not realistic to assume that most people will systematically trample through this information, but it’s probably worth knowing where it all resides, just in case.

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