What happened now? The Facebook (now Meta) portal for video calls/smart screens hasn’t been an industry revelation since they first appeared four years ago. Underwhelming sales and mediocre reviews didn’t stop the company from releasing new variants, but not more — at least for consumers.

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facebook came out the first Portal and Portal+ in 2018 to take part in Amazon’s incredibly popular Echo Show. There was a lot of surprise at the launch of something that could potentially spy on users at a time when Facebook was still facing backlash over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, despite the social media giant’s promise that Portal offered plenty of privacy features.

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The reviewers were not overly impressed with Portal, as well as the news that some Facebook employees are leaving 5 star reviews Amazon didn’t help much. However, Facebook, now Meta, has continued to expand the family with 14-inch Portal+ and Portal Go. last year.

Now, however, Information reports that Meta has announced the timing for its Portal consumer range and will discontinue the line, promising long-term support to existing customers.

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Portal won’t disappear completely as Meta will now focus on business apps for devices; they saw a small increase in sales during the pandemic as companies used them to keep in touch with remote workers.

According to IDC, 600,000 Portal devices were sold in 2020 and 800,000 units in 2021. The latter figure represents just 1% of the global smart speaker and display market.

There are currently four portals on the Meta website: Portal TV for $99 to connect to TVs; standard 10-inch portal for $179; Go Portal for $199; and the 14-inch Portal Plus, which costs $349.

Portal consumer lineup joins Meta dual camera smartwatch abandoned by the companythe result of a downsizing in the Reality Labs division responsible for hardware and metaverse projects.