“Metaverse” is Wall Street’s new favorite buzzword

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The “metaverse” is being promised by companies in entertainment, tech and gaming to entice developers and excite investors.

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why it matters: While each company defines the metaverse differently, the broader concept of bringing people together in a virtual interactive world has taken over the crap. Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

By numbers: the word “metaverse”, It has been mentioned 128 times during investor presentations so far this year, compared to just 7 times last year, according to data from corporate research company Sentio.

  • The words “AR or VR” It was mentioned 991 times year-on-year, which is on pace with 2020 mentions, but almost double the 547 mentions in 2015.
  • blockchain buzzwords Started flying on earnings calls a few years ago.

Running news: Disney surprised Wall Street on Thursday by telling investors that it hopes to connect consumers through “our own Disney metaverse.”

  • Disney CEO Bob Chapek offered few details about the company’s plan, but told CNBC in a Interview That their goal is to use Disney+ as a platform for the metaverse. He said the company didn’t plan to make the headset a part of every experience in the Disney metaverse.

big picture: Most metaverse visions envision an interoperable digital environment shared by multiple companies, but most companies are moving forward with their plans long before the standards are broken.

  • Facebook Last month CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed his corporate name to Meta to emphasize his Oculus subsidiary’s plans to build VR products into a giant virtual home for both remote work and social interaction.
  • snapchat, some analyst people argue, thanks to its years-long investment in AR, is ahead of Meta in terms of building the Metaverse.
  • roblox Provides users with the tools to create their own games and worlds, with an emphasis on keeping their young enthusiasts safe, as CEO David Baszucki told Nerdshala earlier this year.
  • epic game, Fortnite’s parent company, announced $1 billion in funding in April to support future Metaverse growth opportunities.
  • nvidia, The graphics chip powerhouse has its own Metaverse software platform called Omniverse. Company founder and CEO Jensen Huango said last week The metaverse he envisions is “much bigger than the physical world.”
  • Microsoft: Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced a new mixed reality platform called Mesh, as part of its Microsoft Teams product to allow people to “join virtual meetings, send chats, collaborate on shared documents and more”. plan to combine.
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yes but: We are still years away from any shared 3D alternate reality that will achieve the widespread and usefulness of basic Internet services today.

  • The tech industry has already seen several waves of investment in virtual reality and avatar-based communities in the 1990s and 2000s, and then pulled back.

what to watch: The battle in the market will probably be over selling hardware – who has the fastest headset or the best specs with the longest battery life.

  • But the fight for control may rest on who gets the shot at the software standards that eventually get all these systems to talk to each other.


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