Metroid After a long wait of 16 years, fans finally have a new game to play. Luckily, metroid dread It has been praised by critics and fans alike, with some putting too much effort to secure the Collector’s Edition and the matching Samus and EMMI amiibo. For those who decided to give up on the amiibo, it looks like they missed out, as a fan discovered an exploit that helps restore massive in-game health and missiles.

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Metroid The games are known for their difficulty, and metroid dread There is no exception. Several players have mentioned how difficult it is, and have mentioned how many times they have seen Samus’ suit open as they die in the game. However, it seems that by accident, those who have Metroid Amiibos are at an advantage, as they offer in-game health and missile refills when used daily – the ‘daily’ part being the keyword.


a fan on twitter who owns the new metroid dread Amiibos has reportedly found that if players suspend play, enter their Switch user settings with the game, and change their system clock a day before going back. Fear, Amiibo can give the player another recharge of health and missiles. While the amount of health players have depends on the “day”, it is possible to use persistent exploits to replenish Samus’ health if fans are patient enough with going through the menus over and over again.

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Another fan who supported this statement said that it was only Fear Amiibos that work, but all Metroid amiibos like the Ridley amiibo have been re-released. As such, dedicated players who own a full set of amiibos belonging to the series can easily use this exploit against tough bosses found on Planet ZDR.

While the exploit can be tedious for some, it can certainly help some players in a pinch when needed. All Metroid Fans have to open the pause menu mid-battle, and enter the amiibo menu to redeem the amiibo bonus. Once the bonus is redeemed, they can proceed another day for more.

This is probably not intentional and may be patched in the future like games with similar daily resets. However, it can only be corrected to some extent in the same way.‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ There were time travel exploits. At the very least, those who are currently having trouble with the game can use it to keep going while they can.

metroid dread Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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