Microsoft 365 updates tackle a major elephant in the room

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Microsoft has announced several updates for itself productivity And collaboration software Designed to address common challenges faced by workers in customer-facing roles.

The updates were informed by new research conducted by the firm, which suggests that frontline workers (who make up 80% of the global workforce) are often overlooked when it comes to software deployment.


The survey found that a majority (63%) of frontline workers are enthusiastic about the opportunities of technology, but many (55%) have had little support from their organization for adopting new tools. Meanwhile, 60% of those surveyed said they could better prioritize their company culture and communication, and more than half said they don’t feel valued as employees.

Microsoft believes that technology will be key in establishing a line of communication between upper management and employees at the grassroots level.

New Microsoft 365 Features

Since the start of the pandemic, Microsoft has worked to deliver new functionality to its various software and services in an increasingly competitive market. However, most of these reforms are geared toward so-called knowledge workers rather than employees in the field.

In the face of this new data, the company has developed several updates for Microsoft 365 Hopefully this will go some way to correcting the imbalance.

For example, Microsoft has announced the general availability of a new feature for Microsoft Teams which allows frontline workers (and anyone else) to use their smartphone or tablet as a walkie talkie, provided they have Wi-Fi or mobile data,

The firm has also partnered with rugged smartphone Manufacturer Zebra Technologies, which has integrated a dedicated Microsoft Teams push-to-talk button into some of its handsets.

Separately, Microsoft Teams can now be used by frontline workers to manage scheduled appointments, providing customers with real-time updates on wait times, missed appointments, and staffing delays to create a more transparent experience Is.

Lastly, Microsoft has rolled out a number of improvements to its employee experience platform, Veeva. The updates will give non-office-based workers easier access to payroll, HR and training resources, which should help businesses establish a more consistent culture.

“It’s no secret that the pandemic is working for all workers, and at a faster rate than we’ve ever seen,” said Emma Williams, corporate VP at Microsoft.

“Empowering frontline workers is essential for digital transformation. If done well, we believe technology can modernize workflows and enhance job performance while improving workplace culture and communication.”

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