In short: Microsoft has partnered with designer Gavin Mathieu to create a line of apparel and merchandise that reflects Normcore’s style, which is considered attractive, comfortable, and perceived as “normal” by most people.

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“Hardware” is nine-piece collection consisting of shirts, hats, cargo pants, sweaters, sweatpants and jackets. There’s a heavy retro vibe to this line, as evidenced by the blue sky green T-shirt with the iconic logo. windows xp wallpaper on the back and MS Paint T-shirt.

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“Every piece is made to order and there is a meaning behind every item in Hardwear” said Amanda O’Neill, director of multicultural and social communications at Microsoft.

“This campaign tested our comfort and challenged us from time to time, but what pushed us forward was seeing the inclusion of different voices throughout the process and unique perspectives on what drives those who want to improve themselves. and the world around them, as well as what can distract people from moving towards their goals,” O’Neill added.

Mathieu is the founder and creative director supervsna Los Angeles-based studio dedicated to creating “thought-provoking products, content, and experiences that inspire creativity.”

clothing line It’s not cheap, but that’s often the case with designer clothes. The cheapest item, Durable hat, will set you back $45 and the T-shirts are $60 each. Green Durable jacket teams $135.

All items are available for pre-order in a variety of sizes, with shipments due to begin in early August.

Those looking for more affordable Microsoft gifts can check out Xbox Store where you’ll find hundreds of officially licensed products, many of which are under $20. Microsoft also has ugly holiday sweater line it should probably be updated later this year.