Tokyo Game Show 2021 is just a few weeks away and xbox Has disclosed its plans for the conference. Fans can expect a livestream that gives updates on some of Xbox’s upcoming games.

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Over the past few weeks, attendees at Tokyo Game Show Online 2021 have been announcing their plans for the convention. The four-day event held at Makuhari Messe in Japan is hosting a hybrid conference this year, combining both personal and digital formats. Joining Xbox at the event are Capcom, Square Enix, Konami, Ubisoft and many of the best gaming developers. This won’t be Xbox’s first time at TGS Online, which participated in a strictly digital convention last year.


Microsoft announced its plans for this year’s Tokyo Game Show Online 2021 on Xbox Wire this morning. Written by Jeremy Hinton, head of Xbox Asia, they detail that Xbox will host a virtual stream on the first day of TGS, Thursday, September 30. 6 pm JST. The stream will be “curated for players in Japan and across Asia”, with updates on locally relevant sports. Hinton clarifies that “no new global debuts are to be expected,” unlike Xbox’s showing at Gamescom 2021, where multiple worlds revealed.

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Xbox TGS 2021

From promotional art to its display purpose, Xbox is clearly crafting its presentation for its Asian players. At last year’s Xbox Tokyo Game Show, there were at least major updates, such as an event focusing on titles. Microsoft Flight Simulatorhandjob Minecraft, And Resident Evil Village. using the Microsoft Flight Simulator As an example, Xbox featured the game’s depiction of Japan with photorealistic renderings of major Japanese cities and airports. Fans arriving from other parts of the world should expect an event with announcements that are likely not aimed at an audience in their region.

Which Xbox games, then, can get updates at the conference? At least the event of the year was one of the big titles featured. Progress:, an upcoming new IP from Capcom that was absolutely missing from this year’s E3. Although the game has since been confirmed to come to PS5 as well, there’s a chance Capcom has been waiting to show it off at TGS to make it really standout. Without any official word yet about Capcom’s plans, it can’t be said which of its games could make their way. xboxDisplay of.

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