Microsoft Azure disruption affects Windows VM users worldwide

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Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Forum Blue suffered an outage lasting more than six hours, which reportedly prevented users from spinning up new Windows-based virtual machines (VM)

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Microsoft Azure’s Status Page said Wednesday’s VM outage began at approximately 5 a.m. UTC and lasted until approximately noon UTC, and affected services in all regions from Europe to the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

“Between 05:12 UTC and 11:45 UTC on 13 October 2021, a subset of customers using Windows virtual machines may receive failure notifications when performing service management operations – such as start, create, update, Delete. Deployment of new VMs and any updates to extensions may fail,” read notification On Azure’s status page.

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The notification said the outage would affect services dependent on the Windows VM, although non-Windows VMs and already running Windows VMs were not affected.

migration issues

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reporting on developments during outages, register says that Azure’s Twitter support page did not mention the incident, but did confirm the blackout to a customer, saying it was aware of the issue and that its “engineering team is actively cooperating to resolve it”. Is.”

In a later update, posted after a fix for the problem, Azure shared that preliminary investigations suggest that the root cause of the problem stems from a planned migration of the VM Guest Agent extension publishing architecture to a new platform, which inadvertently caused the service Caused the management operation to fail.

“We identified that calls made during service management operations were failing because the required artifact version data could not be queried. Our investigation focused on the backend compute resource provider (CRP) to determine why the call were failing, and recognized that a required VMGuestAgent could not be queried from the repository,” notes Azure in the update.

Azure’s investigation into the incident continues as it works to ensure such incidents do not recur and has promised to publish a full root cause analysis within the next three days.

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Via register

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