Microsoft offers fix for frustrating OneDrive sync problems

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If you’re using OneDrive on Android and are unable to sync photos and videos from your Camera Roll to Microsoft’s cloud storage service, you’re not alone and the company is currently working on a solution to the problem.

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With over 1bn downloads worldwide from the Google Play Store, Microsoft OneDrive is a popular way for Android smartphone users to back up their photos and videos to the cloud.

Despite OneDrive’s popularity, camera upload errors have long been a problem for both desktop and mobile users of the service since at least 2018, according to user reports on the Microsoft community site and on social media.

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Android OneDrive users who are experiencing sync issues with the cloud storage service have started seeing an error message that reads: “Camera upload has been stopped. To activate Camera Upload, give OneDrive access to your photos and media”.

Microsoft has a solution

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Although engineers at Microsoft are currently in the process of finding a permanent solution to this problem, the company has come up with a workaround that involves tweaking the permissions of OneDrive.

According to Microsoft, you’ll first need to set OneDrive’s media/camera permissions to Deny and enable “Camera Upload” for your account from the app’s Settings menu.

To get started, OneDrive users on Android need to go to their phone’s Settings menu, find Permission Manager, and then head to the Files & Media section. Here you will select OneDrive from the app list and choose Decline. After that you have to go back to OneDrive app and select Me. Under the Settings menu of the app, go to Camera Upload and enable this feature to complete the workaround.

We’ll hear more from Microsoft once the company’s engineers come up with a permanent fix, but until then, it might also be worth checking out our list of the best cloud storage for photos if you’re looking to find an alternative to OneDrive. . in between.

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