Microsoft Rewards gives the company an opportunity to give back to its player base on both Xbox and PC for its dedication to gaming. Through extensive gameplay and brutal achievement hunts, a gamer can enter sweepstakes and receive many other prizes just for playing the game. Last year, Microsoft Rewards gave players the chance to win a free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership for life.

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It costs an Xbox or PC player 200 points to enter competitions like the Membership for Life mentioned earlier, so a prize like receiving the free Xbox Game Pass for life is no small gift. Xbox Game Pass offers anything from recent AAA hits like Mass Effect Legendary Edition From indie games to classic games. Now, it looks like Microsoft is giving Xbox and PC players an easier way to earn points. Although this method will only give players a maximum of 250 points, these points can be earned daily.


To access these easy, daily reward points, an Xbox or PC player will need to be logged into the Xbox app, not to be confused with the Xbox Game Pass app, and navigate to their profile. There, a player will see an option called “Earn Reward”, followed by a multitude of daily quests and activities. Some activities are as simple as tapping to play the game or even using the Xbox app, which will earn the player five points just for searching the page to earn rewards.

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As of now, Xbox is only testing this method of earning free reward points, so it may not be available in specific regions yet. At the moment, it is reported that the latest tests are reaching UK audiences for free reward points. Players who are able to access the “Earn Rewards” page have found that the easiest points are earned in the “Play with Friends on PC” quest, which requires only one player to spend about 10 minutes playing the game. are required such as forza horizon 5 or Call of Duty: Warzone To earn your points. Considering the “play with friends” players will receive 100 points per day, this seems like the fastest way to earn fast reward points.

With hundreds of points available daily, a player can earn thousands of points in months, even if they don’t log in every day. However, it’s important to remember that Microsoft is labeling this as a “temporary experience,” so testing is subject to change as time goes on.

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