Microsoft Teams has become so popular it may actually be illegal

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For many of us, it has been one of the most important apps in the lockdown and remote working world, but Microsoft Teams may be in hot water after complaints from some of its rivals.

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The video conferencing tool is facing scrutiny from antitrust regulators in the European Union following protests from Slack.

The online collaboration platform has complained that integrating the Microsoft Teams app so tightly into the company’s Office suite gives it an unfair advantage.

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Dominating teams?


According to Reuters, the European Commission has sent a questionnaire to several Microsoft Teams rivals, focusing on the period from 2016 to 2021.

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The form covers several areas, including asking for a list of customers who have switched to Microsoft Teams or its bundled Office, as well as how much the pandemic has spurred demand for remote work tools like video conferencing.

Rivals will also be questioned on any revenue loss Teams has seen since launch, as well as any impact on research and development, and how it affects the quality and price of their products.

It is not known exactly which rivals are being consulted as part of the research, but it is to be expected that Slack is included, along with other online collaboration giants such as Zoom, Google Meet and Cisco WebEx. likely to go.

Slack says that linking Microsoft Teams with Office boosts the tool by suggesting it is the most appropriate option for users. It also says uninstalling Teams is unnecessarily complicated, and Microsoft was refusing to provide guidance on how it would allow its service to work with rival platforms like Slack.

The company has asked the EU to split teams and the office to ensure that rival services such as itself are given a fair chance.

Microsoft Teams has grown rapidly over the past 18 months due to the pandemic forcing large numbers of workers to work from home. The software is also set to play a central role in Windows 11, where it will be placed front and center in the taskbar, with Microsoft clearly looking to make Teams 2.0 a central communication hub for users.

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via Reuters

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