Microsoft Teams update will help you cut through all the nonsense

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Microsoft is working on a new feature collaboration forum Team that should help users isolate only the most important information.

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according to a new post In the company’s product roadmap, Microsoft Teams Will soon provide users with tighter control over their activity feed notifications.

“Users will be able to change the type of notification that appears in the Activity Feed. Right click on the feed item, and you will be able to toggle all responses on/off and select the apps you want to receive notifications from,” Microsoft explained.


The new feature is currently under development, but is set to debut in preview later this month and go live to all users in December.

Microsoft Teams Notifications

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Since the start of the pandemic, much has been said about the effects of remote working on occupational culture and mental health.

Some remote workers have said they feel pressured to provide themselves outside of traditional hours, which makes it difficult to strike an effective work-life balance.

Others, meanwhile, have been buried in a storm of information as a result of switching to digital forms of communication (whether through E-mail, text chat or video conference) and this problem is only exacerbated by the increasing number of third-party integrations for platforms like Teams.

By allowing users to specify what types of alerts they receive, the latest team update should help reduce (if not eliminate) problems that arise as a result of the new reliance on digital collaboration tools and online productivity software,

Notification customization will also sync with another feature that is under development, which will allow team users to Turn off notifications during meetings, According to a separate roadmap entry, users will be able to turn off notifications during all meetings or on a per-meeting basis.

Clearly, Microsoft is aware of the harmful effects of notification storms on both productivity and wellbeing. And these latest team updates should at least go some way to fix the problem.

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