Microsoft Teams update will make your life harder, but for good reason

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Microsoft is ready to roll out an update for collaboration forum Teams that want to use third-party app integration will add a layer of friction, but for good reason.

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according to a new entry In the company’s product roadmap, Microsoft Teams Users will soon have to manually manage permissions for each third-party app they want to use through the web client.

“To better protect Microsoft Teams third-party applications that request native device permissions – such as camera, microphone or location access – we require users to manually opt-in for these permissions per app in Microsoft Teams. will need to do. Web browser Experience,” Microsoft wrote.


This is already the case in the Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile clients, the roadmap entry goes on to explain.

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The new Web Client permission system is still under development, but should be effective for all users by February of next year.

Microsoft Team Apps

Since the start of the pandemic, collaboration software vendors such as Microsoft, Zoom and Slack have worked hard to expand the in-built functionality (video conferencing, VoIP, messaging, file-sharing, etc.) with third-party integrations.

In Microsoft’s case, the company is aiming to turn teams into a central hub for work by building as broad functionality as possible into the platform, from cloud storage and CRM to project management, calendaring and more.

Just last week, Microsoft revealed it was developing new look app store That should make it easy to identify the most useful third-party integrations on a per-user basis.

as the number of Teams Application However, the chances of someone being misused for cyber criminal purposes also increase. To address any potential issues, Microsoft will soon require users to manually specify app permissions across all Teams clients (desktop, mobile and now browser).

Of course, this measure will not prevent users from giving malicious apps their access webcam and audio feeds, but at least it will make people think twice about what apps they connect to.

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