Microsoft Teams update will stop you annoying your colleagues

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Microsoft is working on a simple update for teams should help resolve common issues with international Cooperation,

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Microsoft Teams users will soon benefit from a feature that highlights each user’s current time-zone, according to a new entry in the company’s product roadmap.

“You can easily find out the local times of the people you collaborate with by checking the profile card,” the listing states.


The feature is still under development, but should be rolling out to all Microsoft Teams users by the end of January, 2022.

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Although smaller businesses are less likely to use the new local time feature, it can be extremely helpful for employees of large enterprises with colleagues spread across the globe, or anyone who travels regularly for work. Is.

For example, the ability to quickly check which coworkers are online and when should make it easier for managers to schedule cross-team meetings or determine who to delegate time-sensitive tasks.

If someone has their notifications turned on, meanwhile, the new feature will reduce the chances of a coworker bothering them at inappropriate times with an unimportant task or question.

since the transition remote workingOf course, many people have even developed the habit of leaving messages for coworkers to find out when they log on first thing in the morning. While the usefulness of this exercise is obvious, it has the effect of making the person feel bombarded before they have a chance to get their feet under the desk.

While the new time-zone feature does nothing to discourage this practice, it does reduce the chances of collaboration errors accidentally falling through.

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