Why is it important: The latest Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates have been released for Windows 11 and Windows 10 users and come with a long list of fixes and some quality-of-life improvements. You can delay them for a week or two, but keep in mind that the update contains important fixes for security vulnerabilities that are already actively exploited.

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For those who have jumped to Windows 11 latest cumulative update (KB5013943) fixes an issue that caused some .NET Framework 3.5-based applications to refuse to open or crash shortly after launch. It also fixes the screen flickering experienced by some users in Safe Mode when using File Explorer, the Start Menu, or certain items on the taskbar.

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Perhaps more importantly, Microsoft fixed issues that prevented users from minimizing, maximizing, or closing an application window after it was maximized on the screen. The weather icon on the taskbar will now be more compact and display the temperature on top of it. Minor inconveniences such as misaligned or partially cut off video subtitles should also be fixed.

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There is still an issue that prevents IT administrators from using recovery discs created with the old Backup and Restore utility on a system with the January 11 Cumulative Update or newer. Otherwise, the latest patch includes all of the security updates contained in supplemental KB5012643 released April 25th.

Some of the CVEs fixed by Microsoft have a high severity rating and could expose you or your organization to ransomware attacks. Despite previous effortsthere is also a new fix for Print Spoolerwhich is still the Achilles’ heel of many enterprise systems.

The latest Patch Tuesday update also has some fixes for Windows 10. While these are minor issues, Microsoft fixed a bug that caused OneDrive to lose focus after being renamed and another that caused you to appear in the News & Interests panel in situations where you didn’t. Press here.

The Redmond giant also took the opportunity to remind everyone that today’s update marks the end of support for Windows 10 version 20H2 (Home and Pro editions). The company would like you to upgrade to Windows 11. However, even its internal roll out new operating system was not flawless, and some of the devices used by employees were not meet quite stringent system requirements.