Miles Morales pulled into Spider-Man trademark battle

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while a There is a legal battle over the copyright for the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man.Well, a similar trademark battle is starting inside the actual comic books at Marvel.

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in November 10 Miles Morales: Spider-Man #32 By writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Christopher Allen, something happens that equates to a comic book post-credits scene that could be the start of something bigger — something that Marvel Comics may have passed on in some way in August.

Spoilers ahead for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #32.


Miles Morales: Spider-Man #32 Titanic ends with Spider-Hero and his ally Starling successfully fending off Taskmaster’s attack, only to face something you can’t fight with a fist: legal papers. service of.

An unnamed legal team working out of a limousine with hover capabilities swoops on the roof. Miles Morales/Spider-Man and Starling are located, and a lawyer-y fellow steps in and hands a file folder with papers. is surrounded in what Miles soon becomes.

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“Unknown person is operating under the trademark name Spider-Man without a license!” Says the lawyer-y figure. “We represent Beyond Corporation in legal matters.

“This notice is to inform you that by acting as Spider-Man you are infringing our customer’s legally owned trademark,” he continues. “By law, you must immediately abandon use of the Spider-Man name and likeness…”

Asked by Starling what’s going on, Miles replies “I don’t know… but I’d better find out…”

In the mainstream continuation of Marvel Comics, Miles Morales shares Spider-Man’s name with its originator Peter Parker – with his blessing. But back on 6 October Amazing Spider-Man #75, it was revealed that Beyond Corporation has purchased the trademarks and copyrights of Spider-Man.

During the time when Doctor Octopus took possession of Peter Parker’s body and Spider-Man (the so-called ‘Superior Spider-Man‘ era), Otto, once the businessman, formally trademarked the name Parker Industries – the company went on to be Peter (and Peter as Otto). When Peter regained control of his body, he liquidated the company again. The Amazing Spider-Man #790 — without knowing that the trademark went to his superhero name Spider-Man.

It turns out, Beyond Corporation swooped in and bought it, and found its own new corporate Spider-Man: Ben Reilly, Peter’s clone of Peter, who for a time had him as Spider-Man. changed to.

In Amazing Spider-Man #75, Ben formally became Spider-Man again – and while reporting the news to Peter he didn’t ask that the original Spider-Man cease to be, you know, Spider-Man… He expressed ownership of Beyond and Ben’s own right over the mantle.

Now, it looks like Ben Reilly’s mentor, Beyond Corporation, is applying its newly purchased trademark to get at least one Spider-Man, Miles Morales, to stop using the name.

This story will apparently return in full on the Amazing Spider-Man title in December 15th Amazing Spider-Man #81, with Miles Morales: Spider-Man writer Saladin Ahmed is stepping down to write a story the company calls “The New Spider-Man Vs. The Latest Spider-Man!!!” as described.

Per advance requests from upcoming comics, Beyond will follow up with this service of legal papers, in which Ben Reilly served punches to Miles Morales to leave the mantle. But as Arthur Adams and Arist show the cover of Dane, Miles Morales punches back.

While the coincidence of this story about the Spider-Man trademark dispute surfaced around the same time, with the estate of the late Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko suing Marvel over copyright, the same characters are hard to fathom. Marvel’s inside sources tell Newsrama that this fictional story running in the comics was conceived before the creators involved in a lawsuit against Ditko’s estate.

See more about imagined The Spider-Man trademark battle in The Amazing Spider-Man #81, December 15.

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