Minecraft modder somehow stuffs Super Mario 64 into it

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I’ve always felt like I couldn’t be more impressed with all the craziest stuff I can do with games these days, but one guy who manages to put Super Mario 64 into Minecraft has proved me wrong.

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Programmer, modder and self-proclaimed ‘weird projects’ creator dialing Tweeted his work-in-progress, and it’s simultaneously brilliant and unintentionally hilarious. The old, blocky Mario model fits super well into the world of Minecraft in a way I never imagined. Watching him snuggle around the sucker—not everything in sight sounds quite harmonious, but I appreciate seeing a tiny Italian plumber attempt to take down an enderman with his bare hands.

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Dylan says the mod is using the “real Mario64 engine,” thanks to a few different projects with the game’s source code. Unfortunately, don’t expect to be able to try it for yourself anytime soon. Nintendo’s relationship with fan projects is a rocky one, and dylan he says “Can’t promise downloads now or in the future, sadly,” but does promise to “post silly videos” of the mod in action. It’s a shame we probably won’t be able to give it a go ourselves, but it’s understandable how quickly Nintendo will pull the plug.


The community of Minecraft has always been a clever and creative group, but the past few weeks in particular have produced some great mods and wizardry. There’s a texture pack that gives all the blocks a Lego makeover, and a cool as hell mode that lets you tame and ride dragons. My favorite is the complete wizard who managed to draw a perfect circle in-game, no mods required (though there is a dizzying amount of math.)

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