Even after ten years, Minecraft The game is still being pushed to its limits by passionate mapmakers looking to create new adventures. Considering how extensive its fanbase is, community projects paying homage to other IPs are inevitable, and a single developer has successfully finished featuring an impressive gameplay that inspired Apocalypse Chain.

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Minecraft is a game built around player creativity, consisting of simple systems with advanced commands that allow players to craft a wide range of experiences. Public servers are known to use commands and plug-ins to create elaborate minigames, but it is less common to see such work in singleplayer maps.


In a post, single developer Sibogie discussed the development process, which he says took over 1200 hours. The post is accompanied by an in-depth trailer showing off the gameplay that includes several iconic Apocalypse weapons and enemies, all taking place in a world built around an impressively detailed resource pack designed to capture the grim spirit of Apocalypse,

Just released my DOOM adventure map after 2 years of development! Introducing the launch trailer From

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The execution of the weapons itself is very impressive, such as Minecraft There are generally only two types of bow and arrow for ranged combat, but the fact that it doesn’t seem to require any game modification is particularly interesting. The installation process does not involve installing any mod frameworks, only maps and resource packs. This means that every weapon had to be made using only MinecraftHas built-in tools, which means there’s no complicated installation process to get Maps to work properly.

The map makes heavy use of custom models, textures and even gameplay mechanics to capture the feeling of Apocalypseand to achieve such a feat Minecraft No small task. Even details like ammunition displays and blood splatters when slaying monsters, and impressive weapons have reloaded animations to add even more authenticity to the experience.

even though Minecraft With a huge amount of mods available, Sibogie manages to pull off technical exploits in the stock engine Doomed: Demons of the Netherlands The map stands out from the crowd. Unfortunately for those who like to play Minecraft On console, map will only work on Minecraft Java Edition, on the bright side, Players of the Java version will be pleased to know that the map is free to download. Criminal Attention to detail sets a high bar Minecraft adventure maps and will be a fun experience for anyone Apocalypse or Minecraft Fans.

Minecraft Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

A screenshot from Minecraft showing a pool filled with water.
Minecraft video shows how players can quickly fill large areas with water using ice

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