For many older gamers, especially those who played on PC in the 1990s, the original Deus Ex, which came out in 2000, will be remembered as a sci-fi RPG marvel. In fact, Elon Musk named it one of his favorite video games, along with the likes of bioshock, half life 2, And Saints Row 4. One memorable thing about it is the game’s male protagonist, Jesse Denton. Now, more than two decades later, someone has modified the game so that players can now take on the female version of Denton.

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Recently uploading file to mod db, user and Deus Ex Fan Ziborg has created the “Le de Denton Project” which reimagines the game’s playable agent to be a woman instead of a man. Modern Description even says that they went to the trouble of canceling the character based on the original game’s dialogue, though they say it’s not 100% duplication of the script.


The general attitude that has gone into revision is to preserve the sharp one-liners that fans have come to love with this franchise. after all, Deus Ex It has a lot of hidden details and a lot of lore that have made it such a fan favorite over the years, and it seems as though Zyborg didn’t want to part with it. It’s clear that the “Le de Denton Project” has been done with careful consideration to the original game, and to keep fans happy, but also to bring it into the modern gaming era. They also state that all pronouns are adjusted accordingly to match the female denton.

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Screenshot of the original Deus Ex showing a woman JC Denston.

The sports industry has shown over the years that attitudes towards gender have changed, and while it Deus Ex The mod is one example, it’s also not the first time people have wondered how popular games would look with a female protagonist instead of a male. Recently, an artist re-imagined some of gaming’s most iconic male characters as women, including auraFrom K Master Chief and Johnny Silverhand cyberpunk 2077.

related to Deus Ex In general, this is a franchise that saw a reboot in 2011, but has since fallen off the radar. Given that the last installment was in 2016, some argue that it is time to bring Deus Ex Back, especially considering how old the original is now. Ziborg’s mod shows what such a game would be like with a female character, and maybe a winning formula Deus Ex Games with a chance to choose a female lead or one’s gender altogether.

Source: mod db

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