In 2015, Microsoft acquired the Hawk middleware software suite, which includes a physics component that has been used in hundreds of games over 20 years old. This includes major releases from valve Including team Fortress 2, half life 2, Even more Half Life: Alex, This proved to be a hindrance to the officially supported Valve mods for these games, after which they had to pay a hefty $50,000 license fee. In a good turn of news, it appears that Valve has struck a deal to remove these charges for modders going forward.

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The news stemmed from the TF2CCWiki account on Twitter, which recently reached out to Valve seeking a license for its development repository. In response, Valve informed TF2CCWiki that it had recently concluded an arrangement with Microsoft regarding the licensing of the Havoc engine and its components. For Valve games specifically, the licenses will waive the $50,000 fee and be completely free.


Valve said it views the “purpose of the mod” as uncommercial fan projects. Its message is that the $50k fee was not applicable to most mods in the first place, as it would only apply to premium, officially sanctioned standalone mods. With that in mind, Valve stated that its standards for official support of a mod are too high. This is partly due to the fact that team Fortress 2 The development team does not have the “bandwidth” to manage the mod teams individually. In other words, Valve is effectively saying, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

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As such, it’s exciting news that Valve is able to negotiate the removal of this license fee for the teams it worked with for the very few teams it had to pay in the first place. Also, there will be very few modding teams that will use it going forward.

What it should do is allow Valve to partner with more revamped teams to officially approve their work. This could mean that more modes team Fortress 2, Half Life: Alex, and potentially other Valve game releases. However, whether Valve goes along with it and the consequences of those partnerships could be a long time away.

How this arrangement came to be is of course a particularly interesting topic, about which no one knows for certain. Microsoft is talking with Valve about mods and the Hawk Engine is a conversation some people expect to continue. Still, that’s exactly what happened, for which the situation is headed for the better. valve The modders, at least.

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