What happened now? A YouTube user managed to modify Nintendo’s Power Glove to work with the Switch, the company’s handheld console released nearly 30 years after the ill-fated motion controller. It’s far from perfect as issues like lag and not being able to remap certain buttons keep it from being a true competitive or even practical solution, but it works and can be used.

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tech youtuber Will it work? wanted to use the Power Glove to play Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, a mixed reality version of the popular racing game that uses radio-controlled cars to move around the house.

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It required two key pieces of hardware to run: NES RetroPort USB Adapter which converts the original NES controller plug into a USB connector and Key ConsoleTuner Titan One the switch needs to recognize the universal controller.

Nintendo’s Power Glove is a perfect example of an idea that was just too early to market. The motion controller for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, released in 1989, was used extensively in the movie The Wizard.

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Unfortunately, only two games were released with features intended for the controller, and it didn’t come with the title. Worse, early wearables weren’t as accurate or clumsy to use. Few were surprised when Nintendo discontinued the game the following year.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone repurpose the Power Glove. In 2015 Robot Chicken The stop motion animator detailed how he uses the controller to create content for the show. In 2016, someone modified the Power Glove to fly aerial drone.

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Image credit: Stephanie Barstow