this year. has been big for monster Hunter The massive monster-slaying franchise welcomes its latest main series title, monster hunter rise, and the sequel to the popular spin-off monster hunter stories, Growth The game has seen continuous updates in the eight months since its release, with a massive expansion of the title sunbreak To be released next year. Since the expansion was officially announced during the Fall 2021 Nintendo Direct, Capcom has been slowly drip-feeding information to eager fans of the franchise and a recent rumor suggests that more will be revealed in the next few weeks. .

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monster Hunter Has grown into one of Capcom’s biggest franchises in recent years, fueled by the massive success of games like 2018. monster hunter world And Growth earlier this year. Both games are well supported by Capcom World And Growth Receiving frequent updates, adding a plethora of free content as well as getting substantial paid expansions in each game Monster Hunter World: Iceborne And GrowthGonna come sunbreak Expansion. Now, According to a Leading Leaker, More monster Hunter The news is apparently being planned for the 2021 Game Awards.


Leading leaker Samus Hunter revealed earlier today that various revelations for monster Hunter The franchise is slated for the Game Awards to take place on December 9 this year. No specifics were given about the content of these alleged disclosures, but monster hunter rise There are currently several awards nominated at the 2021 Game Awards and an announcement could coincide with one of those award presentations.

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The tweet also mentions several other notable possible news from Nintendo coming in the last month of 2021. Samus Hunter said that Platoon 3, Also announced during the Fall Nintendo Direct, more progress updates will be received before the end of the year. splatoon 3 And Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak There were some highlights of the announcement-filled broadcast that confirm Bayonetta 3, New one kirby game, and many other games in development.

monster hunter rise The game proved to be a huge success for Capcom as the first main series game in the franchise to be released on the Nintendo Switch. The latest entry in the franchise has sold over 7 million copies as of October and is due for an upcoming release. monster hunter rise The PC version in January will give a further boost to those stellar sales numbers. Together sunbreak Currently slated for release next summer and potentially more revealing for the franchise to come, monster Hunter Should look to continue its recent success well into the future.

monster hunter rise Now available for Nintendo Switch. A PC version is scheduled to be released on January 12, 2022.

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