monster hunter riseThere are only a few days left for a PC release, and Capcom has announced a new feature that will coincide with the game’s launch. Filter for player monster hunter rise To add in some new style.

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monster hunter rise It was released on Switch in March of last year, and Capcom will also release the game on PC to increase the player base of the game. In addition to the standard improvements gamers can expect on PC, the filters will add a nice touch to get the most. monster hunter rise, The film grain effect can also be implemented in the game, which can further enhance the gaming experience of the gamers.


Capcom released a launch trailer for monster hunter rise Where it first showed the filter working in real time. Filters like Sepia, Black and White, Japanese Style and Waring Lands-Style will be included. PC improvements like Ultra Wide support, 4K resolution, and uncapped frame rates were also replicated. The updates that have been released for the Switch version of the game will also be included in the launch of the PC version. monster hunter rise, Dresses like DLC for Palamutes and Palicoes will also be included in the preorder bonus. If PC players have a copy of Monster Hunter Stories 2, they can also get a new layered armor set. The trailer also ends with a hype Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the major upcoming expansion for the game.

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monster hunter rise will be the second mainline game in monster Hunter Series to be released on PC, second is going monster hunter world, which was a highly successful title on PS4 and PC. Support for the series has been high, and Capcom’s expansion of the series to PC helped many gamers get into the series for the first time. monster Hunter One of Capcom’s biggest franchises, and it’s likely to see more PC releases ahead.

A nice touch is the use of filters to personalize players’ experiences with the game. Capcom itself had some fun with the filter, making the trailer look like an old samurai action movie. The use of the long sword, one of the colder weapons of the series, helped elevate the mood.

All of these customization options are always appreciated, and some players will use them, and some will keep things as they are. monster Hunter The community is expected to see a lot in the coming days because monster hunter rise The player wants to expand the base even more.

monster hunter rise It’s out now for the Nintendo Switch, with the PC version coming on January 12, 2022.

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